The One night stand Part:01

Hey before I start tell me what is the first thing that get in your mind when you read the term “One night stand” Truly speaking what came in my mind reading this statement was somthing like meeting a stranger (most probably a girl and co incidently of my age lolz) one night at a bus stand (i guess ISBT 17) Its raining heavily we both waiting for hours for the bus. Suddenly we both started chatting with each to kill the time. Slowly and steadly she reciting a different version of life to me that really inspired me, made me understand the importance of life, family, friends n all crap and I moving back to college with a well define motive, then conquering the world and then bla bla bla. Well this is not the stuff I want to tell you through this post actually I was just expressing what kinda picture come in my mind when one says One Night Stand. Actually (Shivam says I use this word a lot) One night stand here refers to my first experience in the most Royal Coach of Indian Railways called as General Coach or in desi language “Sawari Dabba”. Well my first experience was not a long time back ago but yesterday when I ran away from college life to home. Most of you might know that I live in Lucknow. There is only one train from Chandigarh to Lucknow that is 2232 Sadbhawna Express departure time: 8.40pm. A sleeper class reservation cost around about 300 INR while this general ticket cost just 143 INR with no hazzle of pre reservation n all. At this time the festive season is over and all are back to work so you might not expect a lot of crowd in trains. Well before I start with the one night stand story I would like to tell you from where did I got inpiration for going in general. Since I jst returned two weeks before my home so I knew if I came home by Sleeper/AC my mom would do make a comment of wasting Dads money for no use.  But if I come from General in which I have never travelled my work would create a sympathetic situation with a shock of my surprise visit to home. Secondly Shubhram has gone a lot of times from General so it inspired me that going in General is not at all like going to war. I would like to mention here that last to last year during diwali time I did tried my level best to go in General but could not stand for more than one stop and returned back to Sleeper Class paying a penalty of 700 INR. And I dint wanted this to happen again. Well its quite an attractive situation when you have a general ticket in one hand, you find the General all filled and in your pocket you have somthig called as valet which have a lot of bugs to buy a comfortable seat in Sleeper/AC class. But this was the time to make a deceision. I was  a college student and my life meant to have no comforts so better I be in or go back to college. At last I made the hard decesion of  travelling in the General. There were five bogies of general. I called Shubhram to know wether  going for boogie near engine or at last would be a smart decesion. He said bacha best is where you get a seat to sit. That was simple smart answer which one gains with experience lolz. But then I realize that there was only one boogie at last and five in the start. That even if a lot of crowd comes in some stations that would distributed in five bogies in starting but not in the last. So i made the decesion of going towards the engine side. And this what is called as precence of mind, one which comes being Utsav Sabharwal lolz. It was total dark inside and I was really confused wether the lights would be switched on later or not. I was a bit worried becuase I bought a newspaper and borrowed a novel from Nitin Giri as means of entertainment or should I say killing time in General bogie where I wonder I would ever even have an opportnity to sleep. But I guess both of them required a source of light and here it was Indian Railway Bogie tubelights damn which were not glowing atleast at the moment. Luckily they did glow when a Khaki wardi khusad kinda person came with a key and rotated some complicated switches near the bogie gate. Well you might be wondering wether I got a place to sit or not. Well the answer is yes but it was not at all easy.

Well I guess I should not write a line more in this post as I just saw it preview and it seems to be to big and I rread a website claiming 10 things to remember while writing a blog one being not to write more than 250 words in a single blog. On other hand its 11.05pm and I am feeling sleepy. Actually I have a little fever also. So I beleive I would continue tommorow. So let me publish this blog with the name The One Night Stand PART 01. Do catch up tmmrw. A lot more is upto this experince of mine.

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