30 Days to Final Exam

Every time I don’t know how but this happens. 30 days are left to the papers and I have not opened my books not even once. I hardly even know the course. I have got 7 papers to give. I need to give two sessionals also in between. That means 30 – 9 = 21. I have 21 days only to prepare 7 subjects. That equals to 3 days per subject. OMG can even Einstein can’t clear all subjects studying 3 days each subject. I m totally fckd up n I guess this is not the first time. Hey MBD waale paaji are your sample papers ready? I really need thm asap. Hey kuch aisa karo ki PTU ke paper aage ho jaye last time ki tarah pls!!!!! Well why are u guys smiling hmm. I would pass all these exam in anyways. I mean I have to or else … .. .

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