My First Maggi … .. .



In last few years Maggi started a new thing in their adds. Showing the first maggi experience of some cool kids. This made me think of the my first maggi experience. I thought a lot try the best I could but could not remember my first maggi experience. But yesterday when I was cooking maggi I suddenly remembered. Don’t worry neither was I naked nor I said Eureka but then I thought why not to share it on my blog. So here my first Maggi Incident: “I was in prep in a mid-low class school “The New Horizon Acadmey” in Lucknow.  It is half a kilometer from my house. Still exist there lolz. It was lunch time. I had brought bread sandwitches (I still wonder why it is called as Sand – Wiches. Oh! By the way Happy Halloween) One of my friend shared his lunch box with me which contained noodles of yellow colour. I din’t what was it but I surely did tried it. It tasted awesome as it could to me. The moment I went home I asked my mom to make chowmien (Its now I realize that thing is called as noodles) today and so was she forced to change her menu to this for the evening. I told her all description than chowmien should be yellow in colour and should contain no vegetables. She did her level best, gave the yellow colour by adding haldi (soudns crazy na..) but still I dint like it. It was yesterday I realized that no guys it was not chowmien which I ate in the tifffin box but maggi. Eureka! I remembered my first maggi expereience and I love it as it was different Eureka! Dont worry I m still not naked … .. .

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