Upcoming articles

Well feeling quite sleepy nw so cant write more articles nw. Well here is the list of some of the articles yet to come:

1. Girls or Boys (Who are better)

This article shall contain an abstract of my interview of 25-25 guys-girls online of what they think about who are better.  Further it shall also contain of how a guy must bend to stop a fight (actually my case after the fight with Kritika over India vs US lolz)

2. History of Dashmesh

For my college people who go to Dashmesh Dhaba everyday and night from right and wrong paths

3. Like of R.K.Tomer

This article would reflect the difficulties and truths of life of a hostel warden in GENERAL

4. Daughter of a Millionaire

Actually this article would be a generalized form of Kritika Arora definitely if she agree for the interview

5.  History of Omni Dhaba (Aloo Prantha: Rs 10 only)

Well u knw wht i would be about dont u?

6.  Guys on girls

This article is based on true  experiences of online text chats from a girls point of view.

7. I got blocked!

This article is based on true experiences of online text chats from a guy view

More to come

Hasta La Vista … .. .

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