Anshul Gupta – an IITian bt seems more like us

Actually I read this in his profile on Orkut under About Me section so I thought to add it here. Well after publishing this article I would scrapping him to chk it out. It is really going to get mad. May be he would be helping me write my next article “Life of an IITian” Who knows lolzzzz

I am an IITian but not a nerd,
I love cricket but i don’t play,
I don’t have a girl friend but i am not gay,
I live in a jungle but i hate animals,
i have 20 t shirts but not a single one is washed,
I hate cycling but i ride 8 kms a day,
I am attentive but i am always asleep,
I love water but i don’t bathe,
I have a comp but its slow,
I love reading but only when i have nothing else to do,
I love rajma chawal but its been 3 months since i last had them,
I am adventurous but i am risk averse,
I hate some people but i never say it on their face,
I can work hard but only when i feel like,
I am friendly but i take my own time with new people,
I have a mobile but i only give missed calls,
So thats me ‘Anshul’ for you!

– Anshul Gupta

Keep reading for more updates. May be you might not be the next person lolz … .. .

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  1. wow! at least someone seems to be following my blog and orkut profile. good going 🙂

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