Life of an IITian (tHe Saturdays)

Saturdays are some of the better days of one’s life in IIT. i crashed at 3 30 last night and put an 8 45 alarm thats because i love the breakfast served in mess on Saturdays. alarm bell rang and i put it off.eventually woke up at 11,borrowed newspaper from pyaare and skimmed it quickly.Chennai edition of Hindu looks more like a local newspaper with headlines such as ‘two workers killed as mud caves in’,’two property tax assessors suspended’,’Stalin inaugurates bus stop model’ and each page having at least two photos of either Karunanidhi or Jayalalitha. Only 3-4 pages are of actual relevance to common sensible man. some people here have even started taking TOI Mumbai edition which comes a day late and costs Rs 5.
anyways i finished up with my paper reading at around 12 and went to mess with tasted like rotten eggs and thats the time when you miss home the most.CAT class was supposed to start at 1 30, so i ate quickly without using much profanities against mess people.
Reached class on time and soon Mr. Raghunath started his non stop 2 hour quants lecture.god knows how does he remember those thousands of questions he covers in one class.i bet he can solve a CAT quants paper in less than 20 min.Speaks so loudly that you can actually feel your eardrums trembling.Eventually first class got over at 3 15 and without wasting time we went for tea at a nearby khokha.
Next class was for verbal ability and that lady lecturer pains us ad nauseam. She distributed some handouts involving some arbit exercises.huh that 2 hour period was painful.
By the end of class we stopped listening and were discussing who’ll pay for todays cheese pav bhaji and corn.class got over and we were starving by that time.went to nilgiris and gulped our routine pav bhaji and american corn.
Returned to hostel at around 6 30, checked mail and went through some Mat lab slides.had dinner and returned back at around 9..since then farting here and there..
all in all, a routine day.nothing special happened.this is one of the major drawbacks of IIT life.when you sit at night and think of what all you did cant think of anything useful..

– Adapted from “Just Another Day” written by Anshul Gupta

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