Director changed – News Confirmed

Ladies and Gentleman

Guys and Girls

Dil thaam kar bathiye because the most exciting new of the year is here…

The present director of Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology Dr. S.C.Bedi has been replaced by Brig J.K.Sharma who was currently the H.O.D. E.C.E. Who would be the new HOD is still not known. But I am damn many things are going to change a lot. Lets hope for a better future. Guys n girls dont forget to comment your views here.

Bedi sir we would really miss u. It was great being with you. And sorry for the silly strikes we did.

Dr S.C.Bedi - Ex Dir RIEIT

Dr S.C.Bedi - Ex Dir RIEIT

Mobile No is: 9988401774 and email id: (if you want to wish him luck for future)

Well that being said I guess ย Brig JKSharma Sirs details would be uploaded on the official site asap.

Published By: Utsav Sabharwal

New Reporter: Navdeep Singh

All Right Reserved 2010

15 responses

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚


    kya kahein ab!

    kisi ke jane ka gam aur kisi k ane ki khushi! lOl

    1. very well said

  2. bedi sir bande ta vadia cc,,bas kam hi maade c
    neva mind ,,,ups and downs only comes in lyf

    1. lolz

    2. yeah!

      pr ene v maade ni c!

  3. it shudnt be done. he was one of the best teacher i have ever met. i will pray he wud cm back again.
    by d way. who will be the new HOD of ECE deptt.

    1. jaspal sir

  4. chalo vadiya hoya …. eh banda tan paise piche bhajjda rahenda c….har kisi nu fine laa dinda c….vadiya hoya chala gya….
    sir i wish u gud luck for ur future…..
    rabb kare tuhanu kite nokari naa mile…

  5. jaan wale nu kine rokna

  6. 2007 batch gets a new director in each sem,, lolz ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ehi ta sadi khasiyat hai!

      humse jo tkraega………..

  7. oo yaar khush kita
    maza aagya yaar
    thx for the update

    1. pleasure

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