Making a movie

We all watch movies don’t we. I was just preparing for the techfest @ DAVIET and I found a different event. This even was of making a movie of 12 mins of your own. This sounded so amazing to me. I mean I don’t have a camera, neithedr a script nor actors but I feel even if we fail in this event it would be a great experience atleast and a lot of fun. Till the moment I have arranged a handy cam from Gandhi Sir, I was just leaving to go to his house. I hope he give it to me. I thought of lot of stotries but none sounded feasible. But when I was talking to my mom I got a thing like Eureka! I got it. This idea was inspired from the short video telling value of 500 rupees from different point of views. So i thought why not to ask everybody about the value of internet. I mean one single question. If I provide high speed internet what would you do? I am quite excited and am expecting lot crazy answers from different field people. Lets see what happens. I am sure of one thing we would just shake the hostel tonight and college tommorow lolz.

One response

  1. mera roll v rakh lae oyeeeeeeee………. lolz:P

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