Railway Concession Form

Well Holi is near and we must get Railway Reservation done asap. Here we refer to all UP guys, thats me, Rahul, Giri, Pratyush and Prakhar. Shubhram is not going. I have no idea why. Yesterday we contacted Gandhi Ji for Railway Concession Form secretly as we knew if Khatri Sir get to know that he wont let us avail this facility. Gandhi Sir asked us to get documents singed from our HODs. I wrote a letter to my HOD Kundra Ji Pratyush copied me. As expected Kundra Ji was not on the chair but in some meeting. But in the way we found HOD ECE Jaspal Sir going towards Himashus shop I asked Pratyush to rush and get the paper signed. I guess this is the first letter he singned after being the HOD lolzzz Then I suddenly met Kundra Ji on the staircase near watercooler and I got my paper signed also. Where was Col sir HOD EE was still a mystery. He came out of the Bedi sirs Room I guess to pee, ambar followed him till the toilet lolz and then I guessed then Ambar started staring at some girl as he came back and went inside Bedi sirs room again. We waited a lot but atlast I guess half an hour after we cathcd him and got the papers signed. With all signed letter we reported back to Gandhi Sir asap but he was lik a lil busy. He had sweet boxes and invitations to distribute as it was his brothers marriage in a while. So i thought better not to disturb him a much. At 4 pm atlast I got 8 forms and I rushed away to hostel

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