Enjoy till it lasts… .. .

This article is dedicated to my best online friend Critic-a-arora (Kritika Arora) and is inspired from a student of DAVIET Melia Mahajan.

Enjoy till it last

Sometimes I wonder why we are living this life for. Is it for our parents who gave us birth or is it for love which all great movies talk about or money of which thousand cases keep going into courts? We see spectrum of people everyday. Some are fat but still eating, some are bald but still shouting on silly reasons, some seems angry some seems cute some seems fashionable some seems things of pity some seems busy some seems interesting some seems boring and so on. Its only few of them we know and we converse with. Have you ever thought how you met those people who you converse every day with? Try to remember the first day of you school/college/office. I mean how many of them you really knew on that day? When we see a person our mind creates a complex image of the person on the basis of it doing, looks and voice. Like when I think of my director the first thing which came in my mind is an image of a Dracula. With more meetings this image gets more defined and clearer into our mind. Conversely, it gets vanished from our mind if you see someone just once or twice.  Well my friend Kritika says that to remember a person only one moment is enough but I feel that time really plays an important role when it comes to remembrance.

Chalo whatever, let me cut it short, this article is about a girl named Melia of whom I had just four glimpses in The Incognito 2010, first techfest of DAVIET Jalandhar. To be very true I don’t know anything about this girl except her complete name, number and a picture. I have a really confused image of her in my mind with little facts to support. I must say she has a good fashion sense. To be true it does inspires even a stubborn like me to adapt a fashionable stuff. I feel she is quite conservative and has very limited but 100% trusted company. She seems least interested in strangers. She is quite mature and mannered. She seems to have high moral value and big goals. I have a strong feeling that she is single and not interested and if she is committed her really in a very strong relationship. Well, why I am writing this article is because I don’t want to forget her. I don’t see her as a young girl but a rare talent unexplored with a noble heart.

I want to more define the image of this girl by yapping sometimes with her but somewhere I know she won’t ever yap with me.  But the life is being about optimistic. So I gave my last try by writing this blog. If she reads this I give her the 3 great opportunities for which I struggled for years:

  1. Offer to present a paper on GPS in an international conference @ Malaysia in July 2010 all expenses paid by PTU. I have the research paper but need a good speaker and I think she speaks very well. If she is of CSE/ECE/IT branch then she can help us in writing the paper also.
  2. Offer to work in The Dream Team (A part of Rayat Bahra Group) who is organizing an international conference GPS on Road. She is from DAVIET so I it would be an honor to have someone from there. We are seeking students from other renowned colleges also
  3. This I leave on what kind of goal this girl has. If any of my spectrum projects give her the right platform I would the happiest person helping.

Why the hell I am so interested in her?

To be short and straight forwards I like experimenting for a better quality of life. If my crazy ways lemme find some really good friends in different  parts of the world or my offers can bring success to some lucky person on this earth then why shouldn’t I try. At last I just want to say is:

Life is like a mystery

We can always see the history

But can only predict the future

We can always modify our plans

But can never change what we have done.

At last if nothing happens at least I am happy that I have improved a little on my writing skills lolz :p

DISCLAIMER: This is a 100% original article of Utsav Sabharwal. Copying the article is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the author. If any body has any objection regarding the article they must give their objections in written to: utsavsabharwal@live.com

9 responses

  1. I would say… things happens /rather take place but… only few things although leave an impact…or an impression…

    keep inking and smiling always ..:D live the moment

  2. i think that the article is really a true one ………..but one thing also that it requis a person with true feeling ……….f understanding……..

  3. tarun shrivastava | Reply

    wow bro,
    this was really a true script,written with feelings rather than words.i know sometimes in life we came in contact of some persons who can’t be forgetted…. really ur words shows your understanding and a good heart.
    For the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary. For those who doubt, no miracle is sufficient.
    keep going

  4. My words is my power as well as ma problem. Its nothing serious guys I am not having any Obsession or crush lolz I am just an artist trying to appreciate the beauty of life and trying to find some good people to yap with till ma retirement lolz :p basssss thts it nothing else … .. .

  5. “Give those options to me. I would accept them all”

    n also i ll find dat gal fr u xclusivelyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😛

    1. Lolz no need. I dont want anybody to kidnap anybody if she wants to yap she would txt herself no one need to force no one lolz

  6. nice article i knew tht u hv such a tallent and i guess the girl might b truly impressive bcoz u get impressed by very few people cheers mate nice one

  7. hey bro,cool article yr….
    infact the girl abt whom u r tokin,i knw her vry well…
    she wass ma batchmate til 10th…
    she iz vry cute grl yr….
    infact she lives in WHITE HOUSE….hahahahaha
    do ask her abt dis thng….
    g8t goin man….

  8. hey dude,cool article u hv writtn….
    d grl whom u r tokin abt,i knw her vry well yr…
    she ws ma batchmate til 10th…..
    she iz a cute grl yr….nd infact she lives in WHITE HOUSE….HAHAHAH
    do ask abt dis thng of white house….
    keep goin man…..

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