Software Engineering Assignment question nd help

1.What is the principle aim of software engineering discipline? What does the discipline of software engineering discuss?

// SE basic definition, SDLC phases

2.Explain why spiral life cycle model is considered to be meta model?
// what exactly is this model
// it combines features of all other models

3.Irrespective of which ever life model is followed software product development, why is it necessary for the final document to describe the product as if were developed using the classical waterfall model?

// theoretically easy to understand

4.Using the suitable model explain the different types of the requirements problem that should be identified and resolved during the requirement analysis activity.

//what is requirement analysis
// stakeholder issues, engineer issues, customer issues

5.What are the relative advantages of using either the loc or the function point metrics to the size of the software product.


Thanks to Shivam Arora for the help.

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