The Lab Scenario… .. .

After the cancellation of mass bunk at last I planned to attend all lectures today. The first lecture is a lab. I was really needed to arrive on time today after getting 6 warnings from mam. And I can proudly say yup I really did reach on time (@ 8.54am). And this really a record. Mam has gone to Rayat Medical Care. Parminder is irritating me by sending messages on my fb even when he sitting right in front of me in Computer Lab No:. The students present today in my lab is Shivam, Varun, Tushar, Rahul, Supriya, Puneet(Scheme), Ritu and other leet people of whose name i dont remember. Himanshu is like absent today. He has gone to NIT Jalandhar for some dance show I guess. I am sitting on 3rd pc from the window. To my left are sitting all lab assistants, i guess of all labs except Lab No. 4 and 5. Ram Avtar sir is on leave and LA of Lab 5 I guess is enjoying need for speed on his own lab pc. They are like repairing some compaq laptop and I have no idea to whom does it belong but I am keen to know what exactly is the trouble and what are they doing to resolve it. Some time I wonder that after some days we would also be engineers but we don’t even know the basics of computer hardware. Sob Sob.

Shivam is lik staring at my pc. He is using Mozilla Firefox on his pc and has opened 4 tabs. Wiki, gmail;, microsoft and Linux Forum. he has installed some Linux Mints and wats to uninstall. Varun is just now caught by Lab Assistant using orkut. Silly he :p Parminder and gulabo (mansi) are sharing the same pc in lab No. 2.

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