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Revaluation Result
Regular Results
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Re-appear Result
B. Tech. 6th Sem B.Tech (1st & 2nd Sem)
Revaluation resul M-Tech B.Tech. (Chemistry), 2nd Semester (2009)File-1 3rd & 4th sem (Dec)
B.Tech. (Chemistry), 2nd Semester (2009)File-2
Revaluation result 3rd & 4th Sem B.Tech. (Physics), 2nd Semester (2009)File-1 3rd & 4th sem (Dec)
B.Tech. (Physics), 2nd Semester (2009)File-2
Revaluation result Dec 2009 6th Sem Pending
Revaluation result
B-Tech 1st Sem 1st sem Pending (Dec)
Result of M-Tech Thesis
B-Tech 1st Sem 2nd sem (Dec)
3rd Sem 7th & 8th Sem (Dec)
M-Tech 1st Sem
M-Tech 1st Sem


Please don’t click on the link… Results file are very heavy it would hang up ur browser… Right click the link and then click Save As.

If you aren’t able to download results from the given link kindly drop your email id + mobile number as a comment… I may mail u back a soft copy @ free time..

Utsav Sabharwal (Admin)

15 responses

  1. bhai ye wale id par mail kar 1st sem reappear rslt..lnk nhi khul raha..

  2. hey Utsav hru???
    yr mail pe bhej de link ni khul rha….
    3rd sem regular bhej diyo dec 08 wala agar tym ho to sare hi bhej dena i’ll choose maself…thnx!!!!!!!!!

    1. Utsav Sabharwal | Reply

      @satinder: i am fine thankyou… ha ha lolz all links are working… u can download I am sure… 😉

      1. nhi ho rha bhai….link ni khul rha……

      2. 3rd semester regular.pdf could not be saved, because the source file could not be read…..

      3. links are working.
        but 6th sem reappear is pending not working

  3. pls send me the res of 4th sem reappear

    1. Utsav Sabharwal | Reply

      4th sem reapperar hasnt beeb declared yet

  4. pls send me the res of 4th sem reappear

  5. 6th sem ka result to laga do…………….reappear kaa

  6. hello bro i am ur senior 2005 batch kindly send me the copy of result 1,2,5,6 may 2010. as soon as possible u may send on my id
    mandeep singh

  7. revaluation result of of may 2010…
    not declared yet….!

  8. Devinder Pratap Singh | Reply

    Please send me the result of B.Tech-mechanical- reappear result from Ist-4th semester. Regular result for 6th semester. my E mail ID is mobile: 09873000691

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