THE BALANCE: Good guy vs bad guy

After a deep observation I realized that “the couple guy” is the one who have very low score on his mark-sheets while the “couple girl” is always the one with good/avg score (based on study of lot of of couple of my own/other colleges lolz)… Another study reveals that bad guys are preferred over good guys… ha ha lolz.. that is something funny but true… It was after a detail study that I realized that the reason was well justified… good guys are like an assembled computer… they are pretty much powerful and reliable for long term use but leave a very cheap impression due to their ugly looks… bad guys are like Ferrari, something powerful and sexy but not the one which you would take to Chandni Chowk (at least I won’t)…

THE GIRL PROBLEM (secret revealed) … ha ha lolz :p

“They are attracted to the confidence of those shallow guys who think they’re “the cats meow”, lol. But that’s not who they want to spend a long period of my life”

In short, girls are fucking complex and no man can understand them… neither can I lolz…

THE NICE GUYS (happily lived ever after)

  • They’re so busy being nice and respecting your boundaries that they usually don’t approach women that often.
  • They use friend approach to get a girl but then girls don’t notice their male friends as potential suitors.
  • They are fucking shy and lack confidence (shy don’t suit man and confidence is what girls love)
  • They don’t flirt at all (cummon girls aren’t seeking a brother :p)
  • a nice guy bf would sound more as a best friend (i.e. the girl can with u on date without a bath and u wont mind :p )
  • they are truthful with their words
  • they are afraid of scaring the girl away and so don’t put much pressure on the girl and wait long for her to be ready (but sometimes due to this attitude they are taken for granted)
  • sophisticated, respect God, the law and others

THE BAD GUYS (womanizers)

  • may not be long but they are damn good fun at least for a while
  • sounds more brave and aren’t afraid of things easily (girls always want to feel secure)
  • they are more aggressive (this make a girl feel like lion queen)
  • they are damn charming with their words (at least  when they want to impress)
  • they act in this super-cool way to every girl they meet on the way
  • they are perverted
  • hey like to party and usually are alcoholics and/or drug addicts :p
  • the one which a girl’s mom would never allow to date with lolz

THE CONCOCTION (no more single)

It is better to have a little bit of both. Nice guys got all of the honesty, caring, devotion and good heart to keep the relationship. Bad boys (excluding the abusive part) have the confidence, unpredictability, excitement that attracts.  all females are attracted to the bad boys. I think you shoud have a mixture. Don’t cheat, lie, steal, or be an asshole but have that spontaneousbe confident and have a little bit of a bad boy attitude. Girls also love the men who can muster up courage to talk about their feelings, so right there that quality is usually found in the nice guys. Some nice guys overdo it and try to be way too nice. Honestly and truthfully I think you need a mixture of both. If a guy can have both, he can attract and also be a keeper.

THE CONCLUSION (my fav part)

To be true being either of the three won’t get you  a girl… lolz… the truth is we don’t need to get a girl… So, don’t pretend to be something you are not… In the end you are a human being… you can’t be perfect… even if I tell you what is the right thing you can make everything right… Humans are born to err… Nd learn… The answer is to KEEP A BALANCE and remember that this is what you have to do but also this is what you can never do but you can always try and maintain a balance to an extent… Every girl wants a true prince riding on a white horse (secret revealed by Taylor Swift :p) but are you the prince is the real question… 😉


Well well I don’t have much to say in this section… Once I tried to figure out if am I a good guy or the bad guy or the concoction… Later I realized I am Utsav, the person who cancelled his one his most exciting trip just because he reached early and train was late by half an hour… every participant would be given fair chance and ample time to try on me… the one who can predict me (of which I am uncap-able) would have the prince riding one a white horse lolz :p 😉 :))

Eskimos calling…

Meet you in the next life…

Adios! :p

Best Regards,


Note: Upcoming  article on the same theme: The Casanova Diary:: 21 factors girls want in their dream guy… Keep reading… :p

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  1. Manjeet Jindal | Reply

    yup right……. being good is important but being original is all that matters….

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