The Casanova Diary:: 21 factors girls want in their dream guy…

I wont develop them… I wont pretend… I swear I won’t…

  1. Appreciation and Compliment
  2. Attitude
  3. Caring
  4. Charming (Common Theory)
  5. Chemistry
  6. Comfort and Security
  7. Confidence
  8. Consideration of her views
  9. Entertainment
  10. Respect
  11. Happiness
  12. Humor (Wit)
  13. Intellectuality
  14. Intelligence
  15. Loyalty and Kindness
  16. Manners
  17. Originality
  18. Presentation
  19. Sensible and Sensitive
  20. Socialization
  21. Stylish and Hygienic

Note: The factors are arranged alphabetically and not according to their importance…

Appreciation and Compliment

This is more a general human psychology… Everybody likes to be appreciated for their good work… When a girl is searching for a guy (cow) she would definitely expect him to appreciate her work/beauty… If you are dating Miss Pakistan you must make sure you appreciate her beauty… Further as you are the man in the relation you must be the one to find the right talents in the girl and motivate her from time to time… Remember a women is a queen only if you are the man(king)…


I feel girls love attitudea strong foundation is must… your attitude reveals you character…


One of the mot prominent feminine character is emotion… other is beauty… being a man you are the caretaker of both these characters of your girl…

Charming (Common Theory)

Umm i think every girl want her prince to ride on a white horse… cummon she means charming prince…


When talking about science this was my weakest subject (CC:Pandey Sir :p) but when talking about relationships I excel in this subject… ha ha lolz… This is the only thing you can’t do anything about… This is like magic… A general study says guys can recognize chemistry in 1/111 times before a girl can…

Comfort and Security

The girt must feel comfortable emotionally and physically with her partner… You are the man here so making her feel secure in your environment is your head ache…


Something which girls love… A true man is a confident man… Your confidence makes a lot of difference…

Consideration of her views

You are right… she is wrong… oh cummon at least listen to her first… a man don’t become a pussy if he listens to his girl… In my case I have found that girls are more creative while I can do a lot things by adding my innovation to it…


Which girl would be asking for a partner who is bored ass… entertaining her don’t means you have to be some TV or magazine…


Very basic rule… Give respect take respect… In a relation this is must that you give respect to your partner and have respect for your partner in you… I can’t explain… Use your instinct…


cummon self explanatory…

Humor (Wit)

Girl love a guy who can make her laugh but don’t be a joker…


To use intellect than emotions

All other are Self Explanatory…


To be true you cannot posses any of the above factors… Its like either you have it or you don’t… Their is no third option… It may be just you don’t know about it or you don’t posses…

Eskimos calling…

Meet you in the next life…

Adios! :p

Best Regards,


3 responses

  1. Manjeet Jindal | Reply

    nice buddy….. keep going:)

  2. hey…actualy…true..lolz..i lykd it<3

    1. Utsav Sabharwal | Reply

      ha ha thanks I am glad kisi ko to pasand aaya… :p

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