The Dream


SCENE ONE: @ Rishikesh

To the left was the mountains, to the right was sacred river ganga. Narrow boulevard it was.

To the left were the gigantic Himalayas… To the right was the holy river Ganga… it was a pleasant morning… prayers could be heard from the temple… though he was a sacred person but he could enjoy the peace those prayers was bringing to his soul… only few rafts could be seen in the brook… he could hear the guide shouting: Stroke left.. Stroke right..Stop Stop Stop… rapid this is… he could see that exhilaration on their faces… and then came the rapid… and then the fear, the adventure, the thrill, the joy.. heavenly sensations they must be… monkey could be seen waiting on the ropeway for some tourist to provide then fruits… road were wet with moisture… a mix smell of cow dung and jamun spread all in the air… foreign tourist wearing holy clothes with rucksack on their shoulders and camera in their hand trying to capture everything moment of this heavenly place to remember all their life there after… later to share those moments of joy with friends and family… not all shops were open… with a new day to start shopkeepers cleaning at their best to get that shine back on those old mirrors… Apart from the busy streets of Mumbai, essence of incredible India it was…

He was not happy… not contented… something was troubling him… struggling to find out what exactly was it… but he could not find it… may be he was seeking for same place less crowded… may be this was not what he was seeking for… may be a place less crowded… where does this road lead to… must be to some place better for sure… and he started running… and kept running… for hours… and finally he stopped… shocking… dead end it was… river was flowing far away but not the road… frustrated and tired… he started crying… to left was a bungalow… a kid was sitting outside that bungalow eating a banana… boy started smiling watching him cry… he stared him with anger… And suddenly the boy vanished… He was shocked… He found a cup where the boy was sitting… holding it in his hand he started wondering… then frustrated by wondering he started crying again… some droplets of his tears felt into that cup and he realized that they turned into pearls..

SCENE TWO: @ Shivpuri

Big mountain of pearls it was… He was sitting on top of it with knife in his hand covered with blood… to the right was the dead body of his wife… He could smell onion instead…

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