Days at Infosys

Just got a call from my dearest friend Gaurav Baid and if you don’t know lemme tell you he is currently at Infosys Mysore training Centre, so its lik as expected having a paradise life. I am very glad for him. He feels that I should have been there but I guess I am cool in here too.

Test process is rigorous and failure rate is increasing every week. At last Infosys is not going to take a gadha in their company Smile with tongue out Food is awesome place is awesome but my dear friends don’t find much of time to use those awesome things Smile with tongue out poor creatures Winking smileEnjoy!!


That place is a the most amazing thing in India but afcourse its like sexy jail. So the question is a Sexy Jail or a crowded and dirty NCR Winking smile

One response

  1. What are the rules for outing…
    For how long Can I be out of the campus…??
    After the days training, I mean after 7:00 pm in the evening. for how long can I be out of the campus?
    What are the rules?
    Can I be out of the campus on weekends (whole saturday & sunday)and be back on manday morning ??
    Please tell me all the rules related to outing from Infosys Mysore Campus?

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