Requiem of LiFe

The winning is never satisfying
Why to me the normal is defying
The pursuit has so much to learn
But the goal brings end to all fun
It takes me to the cliff’s edge
And then leaves me with nothing to hedge

Winning has to be an ending
The philosphies need some mending
Conversations dnt continue after a bye
Even the flowers after blossom die
Heat evaporates after the rain
Silence engulfs after the pain

Everything knows how to finish
But why the Win wants to punish
After the Win the lanes turn
Again the struggle standing stern
New failures starts teasing me
Again the doors have missing key

Isnt it better to lose
Atleast i have my path to chose
Win is a harsh dictator
I have to act in its theatre
To another journey He directs my life
He doesnt care if the thorns make me sigh

More responsibilites on my head
And so much I have said
The Win is again with its angelic smile
Again I am hating the last mile
He knows I am meant for Him
He Knows I will win for Him

Priya Sabharwal

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