tHe Bucket List: 100 things I wana do before I Die (to be updated)

Drive a Metro without stopping at Rajeev Chock

Go on moon for a walk

Have a super sexy bathroom

Watch a full 3D movie

Biking on some no mans land

Go to Hollywood

Go to DisneyLand

See all seven wonders of the world

Long drive from California to Las Vegas on a classic car model with some classic songs on radio

Go in Space

See google space station

Go to Pakistan and Afghanistan for once

Dinner at rotation hotel

Eat pasta in Italy

Eat french toast with a glass of fresh orange juice in France

Attend rock concerts of mah favorite rock stars

Climb Mt Everest

Go for camping on Alaskan Mountains

Watch a FIFA and cricket world cup with a VIP pass

Play chess with Vishwanathan Anand

Sit in an amry tank

Sit on the side wing of a army chopper

Go on a firing range

Sit in a train engine

To fuck a porn star (a cute one) damn hard like hell :p

Rafting again and again

Cliff Diving again and again

Play golf

Go to Leh n Ladak on Bullet or Hardly Davidson if possible till further notice

Sky Diving

Racing in a motor car race

Racing in a motor bike race

Buggy Jumping like 10 times in a row

Have a super-cool sexy tattoo

Have mah own rock band

Have many different cool hair styles n other blah blah

Have mah own magazine

To be continued…

– Utsav Sabharwal

4 responses

  1. rotating restraunt is parikrama…i hve been there…………will take u!!!

    1. i was talkin abt the one in paris… waise parikrama kahan hai?

    2. We have gone there and I payed right?

  2. woaaahhhh dat’s some bucket list… quite interesting!!! 😉

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