Destiny vs Theory of Randomness

I use to halfly believe in destiny and after meeting this girl i started requisitioning may b GOD exist. But later I realized that no i was wrong… Everything is accord to theory of randomness. Merlin was born with a destiny which was to protect the great kind Arthur while he fights against the odds of the world. Believing in the fact that there is a thing called as destiny I am actually somewhere supporting the fact the GoD exist. And its very hard to contradict the existence of God. Further some people believe like i guess this girl too, that one who don’t believe in God aren’t good people. But trust me I am indeed. God existence has always been something I am still questioning… I can contradict all questions but not one that from where did Human exist? And one question they cant answer is from where did God exist… But when I believe in theory of randomness going not too deep I feel that existence of human is a random chemical locha may be… We say anything is possible but still i don’t think human can fly… ok may b in future some new discoveries may b done after which human may b able to fly who knows… my point is everything in this world happens randomly… people say u can change ur destiny with hard work,,, bt if smone close to u dies tmmrw can u do anyhard work… answer is no… nd if in ur desntiny its written to score max in class can u without studying no… we say tht richness or pain was in his destiny… why we dnt say tht 10 out of 24 was in his destiny… we never does.. do we… the fact is the if dont study we wont pass… fuck with destiny here… nd infact of hw mch hard work u do u cannot escape an accident.. nd accident cannot b said as destined thing… because if accident is ur destiny thn even is ur passing… nw if we say nt working hard nd failing was his destiny then cummon we are just debating to make destiny win… the true fact is everything happens randomly.. to an extent its possible to control this randomness but not to the full… its possible to study hard and score in class bt its not possible to escape an a sudden accident or a flight crash… sudden accident can be called as luck… thus luck can be defined as uncontrolled part of randomness that cant b controlled by hard work(luck to be elaborated)…

why the heck all this discussion… this is to contradict the fact of the right girl being destined… maximum youth remains in a misconcept that one day they would get the right girl… I believe there is no perfect moment… We have to make an imperfect moment to perfect… Sometimes we may fail but at the end of the day we cannot control the future… All randomness cant be controlled… That girl studies in ma college.. my class… we conversed one day.. when i was fallin for her she got single.. everything happened randomly not destined… something wrong happen.. i made somemore mistakes… she started lacking interest it was not destiny but not being able to make the right moves at the right time to control than randomness happening…

The conclusion is that girl is not destined to be with me or to be away from me…  The first thing that would be involved is chemical locha and second is luck which may or may not favor and cant be controlled…..

Utsav Sabharwal

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