Website Review:

Just browsing the internet to update mah directory of movie downloading website from mediafire, I came across this website:

And I felt like reviewing it on mah blog. The theme of the website is quite a different one, a little pleasing once can say but afcourse not professional.

Apart from being the next mediafire movies download website the most attractive and exclusive feature I found on this website is that acclaims it to be not just another mediafire movie download one but a rare collection that can be found on internet. And the rare collection in this website is that it provides only DVD Rip and BR Rip prints of movies with mediafire download link.

The list of movies on this website is not in thousands but still quite a number. What I wonder is that in this challenging and competitive market would this website would be able to create a mark, at same time not changing the policy of having DVD Rip/ BR Rip print and mediafire links only.

The bad thing about the website I felt is that mediafire links can only be accessed after accessing an advrt. That’s not cool but if thought from the administrator perspective this seems to be a necessary step in order to let the revenues come. But still wish that the admin sees the situation from the users perspective and come to some other solution for revenue earning that adding add directly to the mediafire link.

Well leaving this challenge for now and stable revenue methods for long term and afcourse more movie links I feel this is a must visit website and leads to a bright web future.

Utsav Sabharwal

USS – Weave tHe Web

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