AC Double-Decker Train From Indian Railways

I was myself surprised to read this news. It took me a while to accept this new phenomenon by our own Indian railways.

Indian Railways has rolled out the first AC double-decker train. These coaches clearly puts Indian Railways high in design and manufacturing capabilities.

Important facts:

It has been offered to Eastern Railway / Kolkata for running between Howrah and Dhanbad


  • This train rolled out by Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala comprises of 10 coaches (8 double deckers and 2 power cars).
  • These stainless steel coaches have been introduced to cater to the heavy rush of commuters in high density corridors offering AC travel at a lower cost.
  • The passenger carrying capacity has increased to 128 passenger in comparison to 78 passengers in Shatabdi chair car, thus increasing the capacity by almost 70%.
  • The overall height of double decker coach has been increased marginally by 116 mm (four and a half inches) keeping in view the constraints like overhead structures, bridges, electric traction equipment, platforms etc.
  • Space for the two decks has been generated by optimally using the well space between the two bogies.
  • The End-On-Generation configuration has been used for train lighting and air-conditioning, in which power is supplied by two power cars, attached at both ends of the train.


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