The Big Bad Dog Theory: Why do dogs always pee on the poles? Is it because they are not allowed to use the toilet?

Is there suppose to be some kind of story as to why dogs always pee by objects such as trees, fire hydrants, rocks, electric and telephone poles  etc.

Well its only the boys dogs thing.
Male dogs, for sure, LOVE to pee on vertical objects. They  urinate to “say Hi”. Sort of like leaving a comment on facebook… In todays society it may be the only social interaction they have with other dogs. . The higher the urine, the bigger the dog… Obviously a great dane is going to be able to urinate higher than a wiener dog.. This gesture is like grafitti that says “I was here, and I’m a big bad dog…

It’s a throwback behavior to a dog’s wolf ancestry. Dominant wolves in a pack pee higher (lift their legs, both male and female) than those lower in pack order. ‘Marking’ in this way allows other packs to know that an area ‘belongs’ to or has already been claimed by a previous pack.

Or, we just call it ‘P-Mail’!

It is preferable in the animal kingdom to get the urine as high toward nose level as possible so that other animals know this territory/object belongs to them! If the pee is on the ground it will be washed away and/or soak into the soil more easily and so will last a shorter time. An added benefit of peeing on stuff is that the object that stays there and is prominent in the territory will serve as a marker more than a random puddle that dries up and disappears.
PS: I Never knew what the Bruno tHe dog who calmly peed down my freind’s leg was trying to say …………………
NOTE: A mix compilation from different web articles on same stuff
Utsav Sabharwal
Weave tHe Web

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  1. Hello! interesting site!

  2. Dude, I was thinking the same thing today, i saw a bunch of burnt patches of grass and though to myself… why always on poles? I want to find the answer, there’s gotta be a funny story behind this.

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