The concept of Moviebook

The concept is very simple: is a very light weight website with a complete database of all English language movie

What exactly would it contain about each movie is still a research subject. Some of the fields can be like:

In Phase I

All attributes defined on Wikipedia (Casting, plot, awards, category, poster etc)
IMDB Rating
Direct download link (via mediafire or something similar)
Details of all actors and crew in those movies
Subtitles in english

PS: I think some of the attributes mention for some movies in wikipedia can be eliminated.

In Phase II

Magazine and Newspaper articles if any
Theatres and their web link where this movie if running
Gossips about the actors and awards and other related stuff
Subtitles in other languages

Phase III

Collaborations as per the situations

Phase IV

We would enter into television media
Expand our movie database to new domains like bollywood

PS: there has to be in detail discussion on what would belong to each phase further it has to be a dynamic plan i.e. changes shall be possible as per requirement… Mark Zuckerberg said that facebook is like fashion its not gonna end but keep changing… so does features on our site… if tmmrw we feel their is one more attribute to add we would…

How the website would look like?
this would be a just one page website

the good thing is page is totally dynamic… i.e. data changes in the page but page never has to be changed

lot to discuss in person over this

How all can a user search for a movie?

By typing a keyword
By searching a movie from our sophisticated A-Z list of movies…
By searching an actor from our sophisticated hollywood diary…
By our movie timeline… where user can browse for movie
Top 100 searches
Acadmey Award List (further divided into winner n nomination list which is further divided into years)
Bafta Award List and any other big award thing if any

What standards shall we follow?
Before we start the actual designing we have to standardize what exactly and how exactly we gonna put things up

PS: atm i just want to concentrate on the programming things… I told you the idea… you can cleaer your doubt with me… leaving everything which is not programming or technical has to be done by you…

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