Zuckerberg invention traps Bilandi into virtual liFe :p

I sometimes lay at night and think about my day – my life. Another wasted day, another wasted week, another wasted month sitting in front of my computer. I glance outside my window occasionally and wonder what its like to have friends and to hangout – live some sort of active life. No one is imprisoning me but myself. I like to be alone, but there are times when i could talk to someone beyond a computer screen. “It’s OK” , I tell myself, “I’ll change tomorrow. i’ll make everything better. I’ll take initiative. I’ll start being more productive,” and I fall asleep truly believing that tomorrow will be a better day.

But the tomorrow comes and nothing changes,

The worse part..is that there is no one to blame but yourself.

Just because you might not have many friends outside this virtual space, doesn’t mean that you’re pathetic. You have friends and there are people that care about you. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you do it with, as long as you enjoy it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy your life and the things you do.

If you don’t like the way your life is going,do something about it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself like some emo little bitch who still lives with his parents and wears is sister’s pants.

You are a real person. You’re brilliant and clever in your own way, and nobody can take that away from you. SO stop whining and just enjoy your life. There are so many people outside of your little world that have it much worse off than you. Stop being such a pussy and Man the fuck up.

Enjoy your god damn life already.


Tarun Bilandi


Bilandi is thinking too much but I guess it’s a good thing… I call it the urge of self realization… In stubborn cases like Bilandi it happens during crisis hour only specially when results are recently declared, Jindal is in his best attire and getting sweet short calls from home like 10 times a day and no girl in the complete world (especially hot chicks from Rayat) is not ready to fcuk him n not even to accompany him to CCDX.

While the first of his historic speech on facebook seems like a ray of light from dark clouds the second part sounds totally depressing… The ending shows his acceptance to live happily his fucked up life ever after…

tHe council has made this article as X rated because of the depressing end and excessive use of ‘f’ word Vampire bat

It takes like 10 weeks to wait for the first day when u could actually wake up early to read the chemistry book for an hour… but the fact is every day in those 10 weeks you have to feel bad about not being able to wake up early today and promise yourself that you would the next day… but even one day stop making yourself feel bad and stop trying that day wont even come in 10 years…

I recommend him to watch movies like Kings Speech and tHe Social Network asap… Further if he wants to take a break from social stuff I ask him to go for hardcore programming for a 15 – 20 days and then to Leh or something with his dirty underwear friends…

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