Mah stomach is paining badly…

DEDICATIONS (it’s a long one)

“this article is dedicated to Melia Mahajan (umm she is a very weird friend of mine, please don’t take it at heart but you know you are one of the most amazing talented people I ever met but in my definition you are such a looser, the best thing I like about you is that you are such a girl which sometimes gives me the feeling of being a great guy lolz hard to explain ) Varun Mahajan(idk the exact number but I guess he has 27 supplies, you know our parent ask us to stay away from these kind of people but you know leaving his studies he is an amazing person thus a good company… hr always feel that mah articles are too long and yes they are because I like writing the blood.. you know he is such a looser and the biggest loosing thing he does is that accepts himself as a looser and has compromised with his wants and his dreams.. his future totally sucks but idk why I feel this that one day he would do something really big and great, its written in his denstiny he is born for it but idk how and when)  Anishwari Rana (Her name always sounds too typical to me and she is messed up in mah Californication theory [the virtualization of Utsav], she thinks too much, she hates it when I don’t reply but that’s the way I am I was never bounded in social stuff but yes I am trying to be more socialized ever during long winters, she has a girl heart of which I am expert in breaking so I fear her case badly) then comes Kkritaka Arora (idk whts with the k, she never said this but I know that she don’t have a good feeling about me, she has an amazing heart once I was able to explore it but she is to hard and formal from outside so doesn’t matter how hard you try, all you efforts would sound bullshit to her most of the times), last but not the least is Priyadarshini Mollik (she was a destroyed fairy tail woman and in mah childhood I advised her to be a writer though I finally became.. I never lied to you so I wanted to tell you that at times you give me that bad Christian types feeling eeyac typs) And the reason why this article is dedicated to big loosers like you all is because one or the other time may be just for a second I shared a cozy moment with you guys”


WARNING: No one should think I am drunk or drugged or fucked I just saw another comedy light romantic movie and this is how I was feeling after the movie…. Lolz enjoy reading…



You know you gotta tell me that I would get it. You know, I was never afraid to work hard but I want someone to promise me, to assure me that at the end of the day I would get the life I wanted, I always wanted. It’s not like I am money fucking crazy it’s like I want to have just enough cash that I don’t have to worry about things. I just always wanted one fucking partner and hell away from the problems. You know the partner with whom I could do anything. With one I could go on a long walk on moonlight in some country or whatever I don’t know. With whom I could fight like anything all day but I could enjoy fighting, with whom I don’t have to pretend anything, I don’t have to lie, with whom I could speak my heart openly and she could always understand me and not my crazy words. One who values me like anything and one whom I could take it to the society and she shows her fucking attitude with everybody.. like perfect people you know… I proud of having her and she proud of having me… You know I always know that I can be like totally awesome lover but I want to find that girl for whom I could do that like totally… I don’t have to get confused and a person as messed as her could feel good about me.

You know I know that I am fucking crazy at this moment and I do know that I was always fucking crazy, in the world of lesbians, threesome anal people I am seriously searching for an angel which don’t exist. I think I have some problem with me, I always live in my dream world. You know my childhood everything I ever tried I fuckingly failed.. every time I failed lolz… I am suck a fucking looser… I am not even a good nerd lolz… And yes I know I am totally different because I not only fail to be winner but also to be a fucking looser, that’s make me something of which I don’t have word to describe…

I always wonder, I wander wondering, I use that word too much, actually I kinda like it you know I like it, its mah creation and I am a proud owner of it.. Oh k yes I am fucking crazy… Tell me something how can I imagine that something is not possible when mah brain gives me million fucking ideas about how to do it… every idea is totally innovative but they are like drunk and high, like smoking some weeds lolz.. yah ideas can be totally crazy and nuts.. yah mah ideas actually they always fail and let me tell you that great epic failure story… At first, from nowhere I see a fucking problem, and then my fucking nasty bitchy brain comes with that totally awesome idea that every time excites me and convince me to implement it and I say like no babes not this time, cmmon not at all but then I keep feeling uneasy, I have too much energy in me, God has designed me to be something fucking great, no matter how hard I try to be a fucking looser it don’t allow me… Though I don’t believe in tHe eXistense of the God, I know there is no good but you people, when all world it says like he does he fucking then my though does become weak and I badly fear the cause of randomness, crazy randomness but that’s a different story…

My ideas always require lot more skill and experience that I do have but my belief in those dreams motivates me to go for them and brush up my skills but then a time comes when my mood get exhausted and too much of strain and hard work eyuuu’s me out and then I badly feel that life could have been totally great if I would have not been struggling on some nasty thing which may is not possible actually.

I wish to have a great life.. I want to sleep in castle in Ireland and jog early morning on Oxford Street, I want to drink Tropicana’s Orange Juice and a French toast at New York and I wana do mah lunch eating Pasta in Italy. Sometimes I wana go rafting, sky diving, mountain climbing may be under sea diving or boating atleast Harvards Rowing Club. I want see a football world cup on a vip seat where people know my existence and I want to go to Oscars… And know what people may say I am crazy but the truth is I see not a single person who don’t want this kind of a life… You know I have been in chatting with people from mah childhood and I have not chatted with thousand but lacs of girls and thousands of them declares themselves a guy after a while but that’s a different issue again… so everybody I yapped want this kind of life but one third of them says its not possible, the second one third people say it would be very very very hard and I don’t wana risk up mah life getting something which I may not get… its not worth not appreciating the great thing your present life have for something you may not get… and the last third half people say actually they don’t say they don’t have this much time, they are pissed of and they are jailed in their life problems…

So what’s the conclusion, you know you were all reading this because you wanted to know the conclusion… well we all are nasty crazy bitchy loosers lolz mah point is I don’t have a conclusion,,, I don’t know.. I aint God, I aint perfect! How do I know?

One thing is stop thinking and live the life whatever the fucking way it is.. The other thing is mess up your life thinking and thinking and thinking Zzzzz…. The day you would be able to figure out (i.e. 1: stop ignoring 2: start getting messed up 3: clean the mess) you would start having the best life you always wanted…

But then I question you can life ever be mess free? Nah nah nah


Ah! Mah stomach is paining badly… I guess I need to shit… cut cut cut.. story ends…

Mah fucking eskimos calling me…



2 responses

  1. u phscyo………..u such a attention seeker(can fall to any heights for attention and cheapness in u is lke to no limit) u get so obssed to thngs that u can actaully make ppl lunatic……..just becoz i dnt agree to ur prospsal i m wierd…u big tym looser….(watch ur words before u write agn not evry1 takes ur idiotic stuff)

  2. tujhe kya ho gya?

    this article is nt abt u.. aur yeh itne purane purane article kahan se dhund lete hai tu//

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