Read if you are God (URGENT)

Dear God,

Yes this is completely true that you don’t exist though I am having troubles finding answers to creation of energy in theory of randomness… So, just in case you exist, I just wanted to remind you that birthday is on 19th of May. I am mailing you the list of my birthday wishes please make sure I have all of them.

What I want is:

  1. A happy and a healthy family
  2. Accomplishments of which I can be proud of
  3. A nice girl whom I love like anything and so does she
  4. Good food to eat and nice things to drink
  5. A good health
  6. Money enough not to worry about when buying something
  7. Some adventures like sky diving, under sea diving, river rafting, desert biking etc etc
  8. Being able to do anything I wish for (the good ones)

P.S.: Well, lovely beautiful quality life is all I ask you this year on my Birthday. Make sure you reach on time to mah Birthday Party… It shall start eXactly on time and yes no eXceptions 😉

Your son who shall always doubt your eXistense,

Utsav tHe Great

2 responses

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  2. Oh, this is just great!

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