The Chaperone HD Trailer, Rating and Review

Just saw the movie The Chaperone. It wasn’t so called so supercool but can be a good time pass on  a hot summer weekend afternoon. Its has Triple H as cast and the story about the a dad who comes back from treason after 7 years and his struggle to reunite with her grown daughter and moved on wife. Its like the criminal asking for redemption from a disappointed family. While in the chase of becoming a good citizen from a criminal by craves of family love he is challenged by his old mate the bad guys.

Sometimes things cannot be undone but yes we can always do things right in the future which in definitely in our hands. Overall the movie has triple H, his family, his bad guys x gang, the cops, a teacher, a driver and school kids on field trip of which he is appointed a chaperone. The movie also lays stress on the point sometimes it’s necessary to be strict on kids even if whatever the modern law says.

Still I would say movie could have been better but it was ok. I rate it as 6.5!

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