The Tourist – Movie Review

Just saw the movie The Tourist. Well it wasn’t so cool like the supercool cast it had which includes Angela Jolie and Johnny Depp. Was not too much of suspense as anybody could have guessed that Frank was Alexander during the first scene itself because Frank was Johnny Depp though for a moment in the last scene a little suspense was created but that was just a moment. More of Love and crave was needed. Story should have been more stories actually. Angela Jolie maintained a high profile attitude in her act which seemed to be awkward first but later became the charm of the story.  I was expecting more of Johnny Depp face expressions. And plastic surgery this wasn’t at all impressive. Had been modified face to a great extent it would have been good. It was sad to know that Frank face was not the one Angela felt in love with.

But overall it was a nice move to watch with such a cast. No way was it boring. It wasn’t too good cannot be set too much to a category. It was kind of mix of action, romance, crime and royal styles.

I would rate this movie as 7 or may 6.5

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