Which IDE to user for JAVA for a startup

Well this is a very hot debate.. N I hate this searching for the best one because I am a lazy person and finding the best one is very tedious plus you should be clear with your needs which I am not eVer.

There were 3 main competitors: Net Beans, Ecllipse and IntelliJIdea

My friends told me like Net Beans is very bad for servlets whicle Ecllipse is damn gud. But in an article i read that Net Beans is gud on iOS. Anyways being window user and as Subnesh Sir taught me I opted for Ecllipse.

But that dint work for me. Because its not like Dreamweaver. Then I googled and came out IntelliJIdea. I have installed it. Now I am going to use it and if I found it good I would try and update sometime. 🙂



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  1. will u load re-appear results for may 2011 1st sem ???

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