I went up a hill and came down a mountain

Aunty Ji,

Did you know that a Cat’s urine glows under black-light? Gosh!

And now lemme tell you a Hakuna Matta fact! A dragonfly has a lifespan of just 24 hours.

The point is just because we have a lifespan of like 100 years that doesn’t mean everybody have to fight. And whoa! you deleted me from your friend list? I know I have 700 friends but friendship is not like a piece of bread for me that can be divided. P.S.: Each friend is equally important for me. And specially you signed an awesome friend contract

I don’t know if I have such a bad sense of humor but everything I said was seriously a joke. Moreover, it was adapted from the movie Pyaar ka Panchnama. And I thought your he he ha ha means you are enjoying this sense of humor. And pleeaaaaaaaaase to sound realistic in my jokes is my hard earned practiced God gifted talent. But idk what am I suppose to say now.

I am damn complicated for anyone to understand. thats all!

Well that being said I made my attempt to clear the smoke of this damn misinterpretations due to lack of communication. I insist on further discussion till you are able to restore the awesome friend feeling.

Yes its true I wont be able to give you a pug on this birthday but before you die you would have one. Don’t worry :p

And one more thing, a Dolphin sleeps with one eye open 😉

Mah eskimoooss callin..



This article was written while listening to the following song..


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  1. 🙂 owsm ur blogs r pretty intrestng

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