It doesn’t matter. Early morning when I wake up or late night when I sleep. I feel so impatient.

It doesn’t matter. Whatever I have achieved. There is still a better world yet to be conquered.

I enjoy my possessions but I ain’t gonna stop.

One things is very true. There is no right opportunity. There is no right set of skills. There is no right idea/business plan that would work.

With willingness comes opportunity. With struggles opportunity becomes right. During the coarse skills get set. Ideas once implemented are call right.

The only difference is always the belief that makes one different from a common man.

Failures bring negativity. Only people in sane keep trying. Succeeding is just being getting lucky. With failures we become smart to understand what steps not play next time, this probability of getting lucky increases in every try we make.

We all see some crazy dream during our teen hood without thinking of the challenges. When we become mature for once we all try and most of us fail. Some stop believing in dreams and becomes writer like me while other keep trying to get lucky some day.

At the end, no one is happy. Common Man, because he has no dreams no passion. He just go to office eat gossip and sleep. Winner, because he had to give so much of fun life for one thing which dint sounded that much fun at the end. But latter feel content. His life is adventure because now he have even more exciting dream to chase for.

Choice is yours… I made mine… Smile

P.S.: I love writing… But I cant ever come up with a story ever Smile with tongue out

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