The White Horse with a charming prince.. It only happens when you beleive it exists ;)

You know what problem is with girls?

They are girls yah they are girls.. .

Sometime you shall find them in a situation and you would feel like helping but then you know what they would say?

“””You know what? You have completely have no idea about me or my life.. . Its easy to comment and tell me what the heck I am but you don’t know I use to be worse and what I am today is lot many times more better than that and I am proud of what I am and I really don’t think I need to change.. . But anyways thank-you for telling me who I am.. . At least you dare to speak the harsh truths.. . I am feeling really happy seriously.. .”””

Whoa! thats the way girls are.. . The most interesting part is they have completely no idea what they are talking about but anyways never ever dare to tell them that or you would be dead.. . seriously .. . 😉

All I wished was she makes a bucket list.. . But it seems she wont.. . Actually she should.. . But insisting a girl seriously need a lot more courage than I have right now.. . But anyways I still feel she do have a bucket list.. .

You see I just wanted to speak a magic spell but then you need to believe in magic.. . Isn’t?

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