India can be great country but then whos gonna make it?

Kiran Bedi can change the world but she is not doing that.. .

I wish to change the world but then I got no listeners no followers no courage no experience.. .

p,s,: future is dark.. . It always was.. . Shall it remain Sad smile


The perception of Perfect India

1. Protect Life: There should be free food and shelter (like langar) so that atleast no body has to die starving. Food may taste bad but healthy.

2. Qualitize Life: Basic education should be enforced like compulsion. (People standards has to be increased)

3. Shield the weak: It would be great if there is free public transport for Old and children.

4. Engineer the earth: Architect cities, that there are no traffic jams.

5. Facilitate Sufficient: Their should not be long que for buying tickets / bill payments in places such as Railway Station ever. Their should be enough general bogies, so that poor people can also travel comfortably if not lavishly.

6. Commit for Life: No train should be late ever. Each bus should take every passenger from every stop.

7. Differentiate People: Whom to give preference Rich OBC or Poor Pandit?

The perception of Perfect Government

A perfect government is one which make perfect laws and its possible only when a government is a mixture of all this:

Engineers, MBAs, Doctors, Lawyers, Sportsmen, Writers, Philosophers, Socialist, Leaders etc

But one who get in should actually have done extra ordinary things in their life without the government or daddy support. Afcourse with mix of old and youth but extra ordinary ones only.

Selection of every member into formation of a government party should be no less than entrance exam of Harvard Business School.


If all this happens, people like Anna Hazzare etc would not have to go on starvations etc .. .

p,s,: The iron is hot, you want to change the world do it now.. . Stop focusing on just Lokpal.. . Start focusing on the ultimate goal, the perfect India of your dreams, my dreams and a comman mans dream.









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