Life is what but chaos!!

So is it really like you are always confused about what to wear, what to eat, where subjects to take, what carrier to make.. . Ha ha don’t worry.. . Everybody is .. .

The funda is simple.. . You really don’t need to think that much.. . yah! that’s it.. .

If you really want to enjoy your life, you have to let yourself do what you like the most.. . For example, if you like writing, don’t bother about what people say.. . don’t bother if you can make career out it.. . you know you start adding necessities and responsibilities to your hobby they become less interesting you being less creative.. .  You know I like writing.. .  I write the whole crap out of me.. . I don’t really care if you read.. . I even don’t care how good do I write.. . I write because I like writing.. . I want to write that’s it! If a career has to become out of my hobby, it would automatically.. . All I need to do is just keep writing whenever I feel like.. . seriously

Just image had Sachin being into these thinking crap like “How good I am gonna be as a cricketer? How much I am gonna earn? Till when would I be able to play etc etc seriously do you think he would have been anything? You know he was an idiot. He felt like playing, he kept playing.. . he felt like playing more like for hours and hours he kept doing it.. . And we all know where this idiot is today.. . Even today if you ask him, Sachin bawa when you wanna get retired, he says like idk may be till I feel like playing and my body supports.. . So plan you see.. . All just idiotic feelings.. .

Ok leave Sachin.. . Lets talk about Einstein Uncle.. . Bad in history but I think he was deaf from one year.. . Discarded and said as mental by all.. . He tried making the bulb and failed and failed.. . His life was all failure.. . So you know he never ever worried.. . Because he had nothing to fear about.. . He was living a hell life.. . He studied a lot of books because it interested him not because he wanted to invent a bulb.. . He tried electricity because he use to wonder what would happened when I do this shit.. . And he ended with invention of bulb.. . So you see, no one ever thought what they want to do, they did what they felt like and things happened what had to happen.. .

You don’t feel like going to BPO right? Then you don’t need to go.. . You don’t need to worry.. . All you need to do is what you feel like doing.. . And if in the morning you feel like doing writing but in the evening you feel like doing Art or singing its okie.. Lets things get going.. . You know soulds are very complex.. . Its really hard to understand them.. . Let them do what they want to do.. . They would conclude over some specifics someday.. . So you really don’t need to be wondering or in short being in Chaos!!

p,s,: you soul is nice, intelligent and innovative, all it needs is opportunities and failure before they can end up with something nice Winking smile

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  1. saying : “You don’t feel like going to BPO right? Then you don’t need to go.. . You don’t need to worry.. .” is very easy dear but u knw what…. its necessary for some… if i leave the job i dislike my mom would be the only one who would be earning which is SO NOT DONE… n if i want to follow wht my heart wants and work in a writing field then m not qualified enough for it… they need some1 in a writing field they’d take some1 who graduated in tht field….. and m studying the writing field now which wud take none the less than 2 yrs…. so now MR. UTSAV 2 years i have to do sumthng i hate to get the same amount of money tht a BPO gives me…. there are many things that a CHAOTIC SOUL needs to think of. thts the reason it is the CHAOTIC SOUL… and as it is, i love writing wht i am writing and this is ME…. CONFUSED, CHAOTIC and even more cnfused…. its all chillling my friend.. my soul loves being CHAOTIC… 🙂 anyway thnx fr ur post…. i do appreciate it!!! 🙂

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