Delhi Cyclist–Site Upgrade Proposal



I have been riding from my childhood.. long rides, short rides, emergency rides, pocket saving rides, competitive rides but you know the best rides have been the recent ones which I did recently with DC. And after having here and there conversations with different DC’s I really feel that being a part of DC is being an honor for all of us. DC’s events have started becoming a culture and color celebration of liFE and sports and adventures and at times also a thing to be envy for, for those who are not members of DC ;p

Lets congratulate and thanks Anuj, Gaurav, Manoj and Raman, the ADMINS for bringing such a nice thing in our life and thanks to all Zehra – tHe eye of DC for clicking n fotoshoping her logo on moments she clicked with her gadgets gave a us visuals to all of us to share with our friends and families and yes thanks to all for being active funny crazy idiotic committed members of DC.

Its time now to reach some new milestones.. . Its time to upgrade our selves on technology n class.. . My focus is on our static website

I propose to install WP/Drupal framework on this website and develop an FB App for Facebook and a web robot to sync DC activities on Fb, Google, Twitter.

The Design:

This design has won the best design of era awards recently. I can make sure that Zehra gets a nice GUI to upload her clicks in here and to make them glow in my headache but then Zehra has to promise to use DC logo than her when to the website.. sorry Smile with tongue out

The Features:

All the admins, or the writers elected by the admins shall have official mail ids/login ids on the website and they would have option to write an article on recent ride. (The interface would be similar to what you get on wordpress.. You can use windows live writer or any of your favorite blog writer for updating)

All the members of DC shall get a mail, SMS and a fb msg about every event DC organizes. also the real time changes if any. Also, admins would have to write only at one place, it’s the robot which shall sync Twitter, Fb, Website and the members of DC.

The site shall allow have a forum for discussions.

Everything would be in archives. Thus, like if you want to get your pic of your X trail ride which happened nine backs you would be easily able to catch up.

You would have fb share button on all photos and articles of DC

There would be a complete directory of all the bikes and accessories available in NCR explaining features, assembling tips, user reviews and plus forum for discussion and doubts

There would be how to sections about how to ride, become a pro, diets etc thing etc etc

These are all basics, love to suggest your idea as a comment here on fb


That’s it!


So what say? Is it time to upgrade ?

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