Next 5 days…

From the last few days I have started getting a strong feeling that may be planning your days really don’t work in dynamic environment. To be the part of this dynamic world is really tedious and challenging. But I guess I have started adapting to it. May be I have even started enjoying it a little. Like the last weekend I was so busy that I just dint slept all night and still the time seemed to be so short. And today even a single minute seems to be so long lasting I mean I can feel the every second. In the morning I was feeling to go for a change in my way of living and at the afternoon I was serving at langar of which I was even confused of even being the part of. In the eve I was thinking of going to home or delhi or I don’t know where and now I am just writing my next 5 days bucket list and I have no idea that would I even go for even a single thing on the list:

1. Read a novel. This would be like the second novel I ever read.
2. Write a short story on a Way to Girls Hostel.
3. If got a company and lab then may be develop a new operating system of mine.
4. Get the lab issued on friday and complete my research paper.
5. Go for a little shopping + books buying @ Chandigarh
6. Go for juice eve @ Ropar
7. Super duper room and clothes cleaning service
8. Hira sir mobile ka ilaaz bhi dundhna hai but I think I can skip that.
9. Find the best sms of the words and keep my process irritating all i know.
10 Keep updating ma facebook.
11 Gandhi Sir ka newletter bhi hai I think its tim now to complete nd get it publish.
12 Have a big blast all night movie mela with special late night maggi with extra tomatoes
13 Get my hair cut
14 Visit a dentist
15 Learn Ubuntu
16 Insist mess manager to make some new stuff @ mess this weekend but I don’t have much expectations
17 Write some more articles on the blog if in some mood lik that sometime
18 Work on improving my lifestyle and social circle.
19 Try not to think on issues a little less
20 Enjoy life like bindaaaaaaaas aur kya

I guess I need to cut short somethings from this. Amazing in the eve I was feeling like I don’t have anything to do. Now I think I would be like total busy. I remember the words of Bedi sir when I went to him for quitting minerva, ” If you wish to do somthing you would feel like you can do it and if you wish not to do somthing you would feel like you cannot.” A simple thing I din’t understand. Silly me… But I guess all well now. All I need to do is live ma life the way I want to.. so all i would say is lik…Jhakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss!!!

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  1. bhai tomar ka illaz bhi kar………………..

    1. Utsav Sabharwal | Reply

      446 Users in a day. Thankyou guys for your visit.

      1. hi utsav,m rahul saini… yr i need approach to dbms by prateek bhatia pdf,if possible..its urgent!!!! mail me at

  2. koi nayi baat to bta do koi??????????????????
    wats happening in the college?????????
    koi result hi bta do yaar????????????

  3. 5th sem reappear ka result v dallo

  4. just subscription required

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