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Thak gaye yaar

Living alone, working at ministry and doing research of idk what seems quite a hectic and tiring job. Sometimes it sounds fun but sometimes its so boring. Sometimes I wonder what exactly am I doing and what exactly I am suppose to do in life. I feel  lik Chuck in this case knowing what is to be done with my life. I mean does it happens with everybody or is it just happening with me huh. Why cant I be ever clear what I am seeking for.

Still doing whatever I feel like for a future of which I have no idea.

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Chuck changing plots… Gosh!!

I started with S03E7 and ended up on S03E13… Nd the reason why I stopped is not because I felt sleepy or bored but because for the time in the story I felt something is complete and totally perfect. Sarah Walker and Chuck makes love finally lolz… And now they are announced as official lovers.. What exactly was lacking in starting episodes was the real feeling of love of Sarah walker for Chuck. And I felt an urge that their must be some third party in it which can bring them back. This what exactly happened though not in mah style but neither bad way atlast it was suppose to support the usual spy and the bad guy method. Third guy tries to  kill Agent Walker while Chuck saves her by shooting him… Seems more like he lost his virginity if talk in terms on CIA or NSA lolz… Its good to see that both are back as a couple but now I fear that may be coming parts may get boring as crave for love is all what CHUCK was selling with afcourse humor… SPY thing really aint much cool in chuck and still sounds like same old story… But I wish Chuck makers improve on it in coming time… I made some plots which can be future of CHUCK but then I guess story is changing so my plot is becoming useless, though I better add them in here for records, at last this what blog is all for…

to make chuck more interesting awesome has to die…
it shoud be more real.. mission can be based on true heroic missions..
Sarah and chuck shoud get married and leave spy thing forever… CIA kills them… casey

leave CIA and moves on wit a family…
One day they both comes back… now part of some other even bigger organizatrion may WHO

who knows…
add some magic things… it should be damn convincin thts it magic n later it should be

like gosh it was not.. it was just luck!
they should split up forever… this is should be damn convincing but at the sametime all

the world should see n feel i wish they were together…
sarah and chuck get married… they have sm problems.. both pro n then they break up

(divorce).. they move in their life.. they both have new partners n now sarah is getting

married… chuck realizes bt fails to reach on time.. sarah get married n then she realizes

it was a big mistake n now cant b rectified.. now his husband dies… n then she read a

letter given by him before his death n thn find sarah gets back to chuck.. bt audience get

to know that her husband was quite a character//  he actually killed himself n this letter

is all fake… casey gets to know this n start hating both of them…

everybody knows irrespective of how many guys comes to sarahs life n how many girls come to

chucks life at the end of the day they two gonna make it together… it feels like quite a

boring thing they making love to others n gosh types n so borin n one know thts all folk n

the writer has hidden a cm back thing at end of the scence.. it could have been better if

the smart could be fooled that they now love other people but at this time this aint

working.. the characters need to feel they dont love each other anymore… n that would

take time… love line should go on…

n chuck need to look smart now…
the ring concept is not that good..
fulcrum remained for too long…
Orion was a cool thing but it just like vanished in s03
Chuck must do what his dad could
Chuck mom has to be something great…
Chuck dad must die…
chuck n sarah fight looks very good
n it seems no logic that sarah would fall in love for someone else.. either she is a whore

which she is not so it looks like her character has been forced to love someone else

chuck goes to india n meets a love guru finally
sarah should be like, ” chuck this is not the guy i loved.. he was the one the most crazy


everybody is buy more should say (they must fucking belive it) that chuck n sarah r born


on other side spy company should say they r the couple…
feeling for others is not working

the mission sucks.. sounds the old same spy story… it has to be more real… (taking


Utsav Sabharwal

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Chuck Season 3


Logo from the NBC television program Chuck

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Now you can download / wiki your favorite series Chuck (Season 3) directly from in here…

The third season of Chuck was announced on May 17, 2009 with 13 episodes,[1] with NBC reserving the option of nine more episodes.[2] Production for the third season began on August 6, 2009.[3] On October 28, 2009, NBC added 6 more episodes to the third season which brings the season total to 19.[4]On November 19, NBC announced that Chuck would return on January 10 with two back-to-back episodes before it would move to Monday nights to its 8 pm time-slot on January 11 

  1 “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip


2 “Chuck Versus the Three Words


3 “Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte


4 “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome


5 “Chuck Versus First Class


6 “Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler


7 “Chuck Versus the Mask


8 “Chuck Versus the Fake Name


9 “Chuck Versus the Beard


10 “Chuck Versus the Tic Tac


11 “Chuck Versus the Final Exam


12 “Chuck Versus the American Hero


13 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy


14 “Chuck Versus the Honeymooners


15 “Chuck Versus the Role Models


16 “Chuck Versus the Tooth


17 “Chuck Versus the Living Dead


18 “Chuck Versus the Living Dead


19 “Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II


Main cast

Supporting cast

Chuck Season 1


Logo from the NBC television program Chuck

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1″Chuck Versus the Intersect


Chuck receives an email from Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer), an old roommate and friend who is now a rogue government agent. The email contains all the government secrets once contained within a computer called the Intersect, which are then downloaded into his brain. Upon discovering that the data on the Intersect had been sent to Chuck, the CIA and the NSA send their agents Sarah Walker and John Casey to retrieve the data.

2 “Chuck Versus the Helicopter


When a doctor who is brought in to recover the data from Chuck’s mind is killed, Casey and Sarah turn against each other. Chuck eventually believes Sarah to be the killer, which causes a tense situation when the two of them attend a dinner hosted by his sister. It turns out that the doctor faked his death and kidnaps Sarah in order to force her to tell him where Chuck is because he wants to sell the secrets. While trying to rescue her, Chuck is captured. After a struggle inside a helicopter, Chuck finds himself forced to pilot the vehicle to safety.

3 “Chuck Versus the Tango


Through the use of the Intersect now stored in his brain, Chuck discovers that an arms dealer known only as “La Ciudad,” whose appearance is unknown, will be present at an art auction. Chuck is forced to infiltrate the party with Sarah to try and identify La Ciudad. While Casey and Sarah are preoccupied by MI6 agents, Chuck ends up dancing the tango with a seductive Latin woman, Malena (Lorena Bernal), who turns out to be La Ciudad.

4 “Chuck Versus the Wookiee


When a diamond hidden in Malibu, owned by a hairy man whom Chuck calls “señor wookiee“, is used to fund terrorists, Chuck has to help steal it back. Complicating things further is the appearance of Carina (Mini Anden), a DEA agent friend of Sarah’s, who tries to help in her own way.

5 “Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp


When Chuck sabotages the mission of a Chinese spy, Mei-Ling Cho, (Gwendoline Yeo) who is trying to save her kidnapped brother, Sarah and Casey refuse to help him fix his mistake. However, the spy forces Chuck to help her get him back, on the condition that she defects from her spy organization. Meanwhile, Morgan is caught in a dilemma of his own when Buy More forces him into a sales competition that could cost him his job, only later to find out it was a ploy to make the sales team work harder. Chuck is frustrated that he cannot tell his sister the truth about his spy life.

Note: The title refers to the main course of the dinner that Morgan was going to treat Sarah and Chuck to during their “Evening of Morgan.”

6 “Chuck Versus the Sandworm


Chuck accidentally runs into a runaway government agent named Laszlo (Jonathan Sadowski) who turns out to be a gadget whiz and whose brain makes him a national security asset and a dangerous liability, much like Chuck. Chuck decides to help him escape his handlers but reconsiders when he discovers that Laszlo wants to exact his revenge on the government. Chuck helps Sarah and Casey to track down Laszlo but misses his interview for the assistant manager position in the process. Meanwhile, Morgan feels that Chuck is neglecting their childhood and friendship. They reconcile and wear a two-man Sandworm costume (based on the creature from the Dune novels) to the Halloween party.

7 “Chuck Versus the Alma Mater


Chuck has to return to Stanford University, his Alma Mater from which he was unceremoniously expelled, on homecoming weekend to help a former professor, who, as Chuck finds out, is also a government operative being hunted for a sensitive top-secret file. Chuck must use his past experiences to find the Professor’s hidden secret, while also discovering shocking secrets about his own life. More importantly, Chuck discovers the truth about his former friend Bryce Larkin and why Bryce had Chuck kicked out of Stanford. Meanwhile, Morgan has problems with the new assistant manager at Buy More.

8 “Chuck Versus the Truth


Chuck battles with his cover love life and real love life when he meets a girl named Lou (Rachel Bilson), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, his relationship with Sarah heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie and Devon and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist (Kevin Weisman) is trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities and is using a “truth” poison to help get his answers. After all are exposed to the truth, Chuck soon discovers a lot about his partners.

9 “Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami


Chuck starts dating Lou, a sandwich-maker, and things seem to be going really well, which incites some jealousy on behalf of Sarah, who discovers that her feelings for Chuck are more than just a cover. Things get complicated when Lou is discovered to be part of a smuggling group; although she believed it was smuggling only deli meats, such as imported hard salamis, when they also smuggled weapons. Chuck and Sarah have to defuse a bomb, fail and, expecting to die in the detonation, the pair share a passionate kiss as the timer runs out. They share an awkward moment when the “bomb” turns out to be something else entirely. Chuck leaves Lou and tries to start a genuine relationship with Sarah; however, Sarah finds out that her former lover Bryce Larkin is still alive. Meanwhile, Morgan starts developing a new relationship with Anna, another employee at Buy More.

10 “Chuck Versus the Nemesis


It’s Thanksgiving and Chuck’s nemesis, Bryce Larkin, returns after being thought dead earlier. Bryce needs Chuck to help prove to Sarah, Casey and the rest of the CIA that he is not a rogue agent. Upon seeing Bryce and Sarah back together, former partners and lovers, Chuck becomes jealous and doubts any future with Sarah. Meanwhile, Buy More is prepping for the biggest shopping day of the year and Morgan is left in charge.

11 “Chuck Versus the Crown Vic


Chuck assumes the cover of Sarah’s boyfriend on a mission to foil Lon Kirk (Michael Wiseman), a politically connected counterfeiter and yachtsman. When Sarah’s mission on Kirk’s yacht goes awry due to Chuck’s insistence that Kirk is hiding money-counterfeiting printing-plates on his yacht, both Casey and Sarah suspects that Chuck is acting out of jealousy, which Chuck denies. Chuck later realizes that Kirk had hid the plates on the Taiwanese attache’s boat and that he plans to blow up the boat to destroy the evidence and everyone on it, including Morgan and Anna. With Sarah and Casey’s help, Chuck stops the boat from being blown up by redirecting the missile to target Casey’s prized Crown Victoria instead. Chuck and Sarah reconcile at the annual Buy More holiday party.

12 “Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover


Chuck discovers that many Russian arms dealers are secretly meeting in Los Angeles. One particular Russian woman, Ilsa Trinchina, (Ivana Milicevic), catches his attention, and he flashes on her as being Casey’s ex-girlfriend. Chuck grows very intrigued and begins to pester Casey about their history. After learning this woman is set to marry one of the Russian arms dealers, Chuck insists that Casey fights for his woman. Meanwhile, Devon and Ellie reach a tough point in their relationship. Much of this episode contains references and parallels to Casablanca.

13 “Chuck Versus the Marlin


As Devon deliberates on how he should propose to Ellie, he asks Chuck to hold on to the engagement ring. Chuck locks it in his Buy More locker but returns the next day to discover everything had been stolen from the store, including the ring. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah find out that the someone has been spying on them in hopes of discovering “the Intersect” and that they had hidden the receiver in Big Mike’s large plastic marlin. With Chuck’s identity and life on the line, the CIA and NSA decide to have Chuck relocated to a permanent holding cell.

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Chuck Season 2

Logo from the NBC television program Chuck

Image via Wikipedia

Now you can download / wiki your favorite series Chuck (Season 2) directly from in here…

Chuck (season 2)
Image via Wikipedia

1 “Chuck Versus the First Date


2 “Chuck Versus the Seduction


3 “Chuck Versus the Break-Up


4″Chuck Versus the Cougars


5 “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer



6 “Chuck Versus the Ex

(98.4 Mb)


7 “Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

(98.36 Mb)


8 “Chuck Versus the Gravitron



9 “Chuck Versus the Sensei

(98.27 Mb)


10 “Chuck Versus the DeLorean

(98.26 Mb)


11 “Chuck Versus Santa Claus

(98.22 Mb)


12 “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension[Note 1]

(96.91 Mb)


13 “Chuck Versus the Suburbs[Note 2]

(98.33 Mb)


14 “Chuck Versus the Best Friend

(98.19 Mb)


15 “Chuck Versus the Beefcake

(98.44 Mb)


16″Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

(98.14 Mb)


17 “Chuck Versus the Predator

(98.28 Mb)


18 “Chuck Versus the Broken Heart



19 “Chuck Versus the Dream Job



20 “Chuck Versus the First Kill



21 “Chuck Versus the Colonel



22 “Chuck Versus the Ring



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Chuck S01

Umm recently I have started watching this new thing called Chuck. This one is an american comedy drama and i must say a good one. Till now I have seen like ten episodes of this. All were pretty good 9 n 10 being the best. But I think they are lacking or intentionally doing this, the emotional side. I mean the romance part they can elongate a lil with some nice romantic song. Story line is like awesome but lacks the emotional touch a lil. But overall damn good. A good piece of entertainment world.

– Eua

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