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RIEIT finally finalizes the External PTU Viva dates for 8th semester students

After long awaiting season finally RIEIT director officially released the external ptu viva dates on this Friday. According to the director external vivas for 8th semester students of Rayat Institute of Engineering & Information Technology would be held of 15 – 16 June 2011. After a brief discussion with HR departments of spectrum companies who recruited their students in bulk this season like Infosys etc and a meeting with all HODs the director came to a conclusion that 15 16 June would be the best time as till then training of most of the companies shall end and date of joining would be still be yet to come. 

Official order released also requested all HODs to intimate students of their concerned departments as soon as possible, also guiding them with the details such as presentations and documentation if any required. Though as per our networks no student have received any intimation yet.

A notorious kid of the 8th Semeter, Himanshu Salathia has also published a copy of the office order on his fb profile, a copy which is published in this post.

This gives the students an ultimatum to pack up and copy some projects from their friends studying in other colleges or coachings and prepare a file work and ppt for the same asap.

Utsav Sabharwal


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PTU Results declared till 9 March 2011

B.Tech 3rd Sem(Reg)

B.Tech 5th Sem(Reg) (Except Chemical Engg)

B.Tech 1st Sem(Reg)

B.Tech(EEE) 3rdSem(Reg)

MBA(IB) 1st Sem(Reg)




MBA 1st Sem(Reg)

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