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liFe at Globallogic, Noida

When I was recuited in GL, and my joining date was still to come I use to wander wonder about many things.. About life.. About work.. About money.. How would I survive.. Would it tought or fun etc etc.. After months working in here, today thsoe questions seems to be vanished between the daily run of life, trying meeting time goals of the client, struggling to reach office on time and watching a movie/sporting in the weekend,, Recently, somebody asked me those same questions, and then i was like once i use to wander wondering on something similar.. so I thought to blog all such queries in here so new ones can be more prepared and focused and know what exactly they are enrolling in..

Hi…I got my joining in GL on 5th jan in nagpur branch…..

Training Department, Nagpur section is handled by Ashwin Korde . Though I am not sure who would head youe exactly. Well Ashwin is really a nice person and if you have honor to have your training under him them I think you would like it. He is a very hardworking person and he would want you too to show hard work. This is the only way you can impress him, though mark my words just making a nice impression wont fetch you marks. He is strict about rules. If there is policy defined for something, it has to be done that way. Leaving work apart he is a very friendly person to talk to. Moreover, if you are like shy or hardly interact dont worry if he is near you he would make you talk, talk and talk.

can u tell me abt d current status of GL regarding projects??
Ha ha many people when join GL, like even when I did use to wonder is GL a good company? Is it a big company? etc etc Umm trust me this is a big company. Though nor very very very big but yes big. The reason why we havent heard name of comapny such as GL but other is because its not a business to consumer company. Tell me something, do really know how many companies do we have in IT industry? Trust me you would not be able to even count 50. This is because all we know is Microsoft, Google and Infosys. Reason being they deliver products, they advertize etc. Globalloigic mainly focuses on providing help to these companies. So its like the product you see with the name of Google etc might have been made by GL. For example, the reviews you see on nextag.com is via wize.com is actually developed by one of the great developers of GL which is me indeed blush blush. Still you don’t beleive me? Well Gl right now has 455 projects and yes they does inlcude the names like Google, Microsoft, HP, Yatra and NexTag etc. But then there is one more important thing you should understand. Hi-fi names are seeking for developers with hi-fi knowledge. Yatra and Nextag are two bad asses of GL which reject even IITians with a 3 years experience. So you see opportunitites are there but for those who can deliver. 😉

becoz yesterday 2 of my frnds from GL in nagpur branch hav been drown out(nikal dia unko…) n d reason was only that GL is not having any projects…is it true??
My apologies for those who have left GL. From my own perspective, we should never recruit anybody whom we gonna ask to leave after the training. But then its not my company and if you dont perform well during the training you would be removed. GL is serious about it and anybody would who gonna pay you handsome salary. Infosys has a rejection rate of around 5% per training plus around 10% leave them on their own so total like 15%. Its quite less in GL may be just 1 or 2 % atleast in mah batch 😉

Hello Utsav!! I wanna seek sum guidence from u….as my joining will b in jan I hav 2 months left with me n mine is mobile technology…..in last 2-3 months I refreshed d concepts of core n adv java….
ha ha well mobile technology is just something that they promise you train.. it has nothing to do what project you would be alloted into.. when you are in a project based IT comapany learn one thing.. there is not particular language or particular concept you need to know.. in short you need to deliver on time whatever the demand is.. and in the process you have to learn things in real time. my friends did JAVA training and is now coding forms in perl. thats how things works out here..

wht else should I do now so dat I might find myself easier to work in d company?? should i go learning with android or try to build some small java applications??? now u got kinda gud experience with GL so can tell me sumthing
it would be great if you can have idea of linux and android both.. first of all i recommend you to go through basics of LINUX.. almost all servers in the world are operated in UNIX platform.. Android is something like developed on UNIX platform and then all applications are some what JAVA right? so you can do one thing.. work on Android.. And most importantly theory is not what gonna help you here.. Make applications.. and more application and more application.. varied.. thats how you should learn and would learn in future .. For an idea, you can develop an Android app using java which to read emails and filter them using who the sender is.. something like outlook client for tab..

I knw d basic of strut… had learned sumthing while going through adv java…. k fine. so mine is mobile technology n we hav been told to prepare d basic concepts of java before our joining, but I knw GL is a very big company n jst basic knowledge wont work!! GL had mailed us a list of topics in june which coverd most of d topics but if someone asks me right now to code sumthing using strut or hibernate or ejb or spring or jsp then I cant code it directly before that I need to do sum smaller applications…
Well Strut is really an important topic which is not generally taught in colleges and coaching centres… But then it is if you get JAVA in your project.. and if have it in your courseware of training.. if it is then best way to learn Struts again is developing mini projects based on Struts.. Remember, you knowledge of any concept is counted only if the your knowledge is delevrbl.. if you can develop a project on Strut easily then yes you know struts else you dont 😉

the mobile technology would b further divide into 4 domains which b assigned to us at d time of our joining….so m not getting exactly what tp prepare with…..most of my frndz who joined in july got android tecnology only a few r thr with iphone or bru….
umm i hope this question stands answered now

n also pls make me clear d difference between java n javascript…..m a bit confused in it!!
ha ha its simple java and javascript has nothing in common.. javascript was developed to overcome the limitations of HTML. HTML only control the flow of data on a webpage// you cannot add any number or can use any logic.. for all that we use javascript… JAVA on other hand is a core programming language like C++ developed from C..

If anybody has any more questions/doubts he or she is most welcome to post it as a comment in here .. Thanks 🙂

moviebook launches hassle free movie downloading via email

So you dint get an email. No problem you can read it on onedamnlife 🙂


I recently created an auto-bot moviebook. Well I wont discuss about it technicality but this is what I want to tell you.

Whenever you want to download any movie, just send an email to request@moviebook.co.in 

Thats all! Once your request is validated, the robots shall email you direct download link of the movie. (yes its free, no adds, no parts, no torrents, full speed)

Further, if you mention your mobile no. in the email, the robots shall also text you when they email you 🙂

If somebody wana know how big is our database then just let me tell you its bigger than IMDB, Wikipedia and what Torrrent world has to offer.

N please please please n pleeeeeeeeeeeease do spread the word  🙂



Disclaimer: moviebook is a nonprofit non business concept. Yes movie downloading is illegal but we are not. We are more like predefined Google Search. Ab kya bache ki jaan loge? Still anybody feel anything is going wrong dude drop me an email.

EE 8th Semester PTU Results

Congratulations to all..

I guess now everybody might b like 90% scorer with no back logs..

All the best for your future…

It was a great expereince being with you..

I hope you keep visiting my blog 🙂

Utsav (E)



Life is hard! I made it that way!! :( — :)

I’m feeling hungry… its too hot here… fan aint working… cooler’s pump is also not working… floors are very dusty and dirty… bed is filled with all not stuff… I just boiled a packet of milk I brought five days back.. last thing I ate was a silly masala dosa from ministry’s canteen… today I tried to make something…  I tried to make thepla with some creativity..  I added four eggs and puri of 3 tomatoes and  1 middle size onion to besan… I realized I dint have a non stick twa  and all other utensils were dirty… I drank half bottle of Real mixed fruit juice and washed only the required utensils… Finally I failed cooking and messed up making a half mixed idk sabhji of that content rather than theples… now planning to throw all of it… fridge is empty and in kitchen I have just two packets of weird biscuits and I have oats and porridge may be I opt to eat them rather than dying on my bed tonight….

I completed reading the 20 page research paper of Google…  One of the fact I realized was  that Google was a high performance code ran on very low configuration systems and thus I need to work a lot on the my code runtime performance… they have to be faster , smarter and reliable… I tried to merge with mininova.org but they refused…. I emailed my resume to lot of people but as usual no replies.. Time to join global logic is coming near, dates of viva would be announced soon and I aint ready with anything but a dump of wide varied codes… this is not what PTU would ever accept…  It feels like I am coming out of my dreams to reality where they shall be shattered like anything, like nothing…. Thought still some time is left which gives me real hope but things are changing… situation are changing or should I say with better understanding of the situation the domain of problems and challenges are increasing day by day…. Just realized php don’t support things called threading… and now I am totally sure about the fact that even the first google crawler was made in python.. it was never made in php and further php can never give the kind of performance python can… but a lot of time has been wasted,,, python is completely a new thing for me… its different… its not like php or c++ and java… they say it is a good thing.. it’s an advance thing… I hope it is… I found a tutorial of it on Google University… some books are also avalaible… but learning this new language would just stop the development of moviebook… first time constraint and then there are lot more things… choosing best performance OS and then using a non gui OS and then configuring to get the max from my systems…. Further autobots functioning would be too slow to achieve our objective, also filtering for quality would be a very big challenge while making semi-auto bots is like lot of varied coding and moreover deciding the domain of websites we really gonna index… iff someway we could index a search engine like torrentz.com our work could have become lot easier….may be to save space we can index different websites and once we are able to recognize its hash value we shall search for it on torrentz.com… this can be an idea… idk… but how reliable is torrentz.com its hard to say… its always safer to keep alternative resources….

I am having back pain, I never use to have this… Even I use to eat like ten times a day… now its just one…

Hard Disk almost full… Windows 7 is not awesomely installed and configured… I have developed to many codes but there is no documentation… I cant remember any of them for long… I feel it easy to write new one, not able to resuse codes because of bad documentations…

This house and this computer has become a dump.. I need a new start,,,

I am not gonna be the guy who is gonna give up… I would have patience… I would keep balance and I would keep moving even if I have to move like a snail at times… this time I aint leaving… no I am not…

Okies, first thing first… NO coding NO learning until I meet the basic essentials of life…

  1. Eat healthy eat regularly
  2. Clean me, clean house and clean computer
  3. A proper budget
  4. A management plan
  5. Idk

So, let’s start with deleting all movies I have seen… before deleting it would be better if a log them… But where? Umm lets do it on the blog….

Movies I saw when I was virgin and I use to live alone aka Engineering Six Month Training (Jan to March 2011)

First let us drink some water.. then we shall go for it…

12.27am Working…

To be contd…

I got rejected!! And this time it was FACEBOOK!!

Hi Utsav, Thanks for your interest in working at Facebook. We’re always on the lookout for the best talent and although we’re interested in your skills and background, it’s not quite a fit for the positions that we have open right now. We’d like to keep in touch as Facebook continues to grow, and we’ll contact you when any relevant positions open up. We really appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting with you in the future. Thanks! Facebook Recruiting P.S.: the most sad this to know was that I wasn’t qualified for even a single post at fb 😦 :p

Gosh! she scored 80% :( {shh PTU 7 Semester CSE / IT / ME / ECE / EE Gazette}


Finally, the most awaited Gazette is here. With these results (if you are all clear) comes end to the bread n butter exams which use to happen every month. The good thing is now no teacher can blackmail us anymore on the name of internals, now you dont have to worry about your attendance or sessional mails which enacted as silent bombs disturbing the normal life routine of many low scorers but finally i gonna miss chicken grilled sandwitch of CCDX, Chilly Chicken of PP, Lassi of Dashmesh and Paranthe of Omi (now tuta phoota) and afcourse at the end the computer labs and Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaar!! (teri beep beep beep) 😉 :d :))

Just don’t download results also make sure you comment :p

CSE 7th Semester – Gazette

IT 7th Semester – Gazette

ECE 7th Semester – Gazette

EE 7th Semester – Gazette

ME 7th Semester – Gazette

All in One – Gazette

Top 10 Google Labs Projects From 2010

Google Labs is the place where you can find a lot of experimental services that are developed by Google engineers in their “20 percent time”. As Jeffrey Ressner points out, “Labs began [back in 2002] when Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to allow engineers and programmers to devote 20 percent of their time, or one day each week, to projects of their own choosing. It was a bold move, but Page and Brin figured the great minds they hired would be even more creative if they were given free rein to unleash their imaginations and cultivate their personal interests instead of spending all their energies on assigned tasks.” Aparna Chennapragada, product manager for Google Labs, says that Google tried to “remove all friction between the idea and the experiment”.

Features like Google Suggest or Social Search and services like iGoogle, Google Reader, Google Local or Google Docs started as Labs projects. Here are some of the best services and features released in Google Labs, Gmail Labs, TestTube and other similar places in 2010:

1. Google Scribe is a powerful tool that uses aggregated data from Web pages to provide suggestions as you type. It could become an useful Google Docs feature and it could improve the suggestions provided by the default Android keyboard.

2. Body Browser, a WebGL application developed by the Google Health team that shows a detailed 3D model of the human body. Try it in Chrome 9 beta or Firefox 4 beta.

3. YouTube Leanback – a YouTube interface designed for Google TV or any other big screen. The great thing about YouTube Leanback is that it doesn’t require interaction, so you can quickly watch the videos added to the queue or the latest videos from your subscribed channels.

4. Apps Search – a Gmail Labs feature that lets you search your Gmail messages, Google Docs files and Google Sites pages from a single search box. If Google shows results from other services and improves the interface, this feature could become very useful. Imagine searching your contacts, calendars, bookmarks, files and your browsing history from a single search box.

5. YouTube’s HTML5 player has improved a lot ever since it was launched, back in January 2010. It now supports WebM videos and it works in most browsers: Chrome, Opera, Safari and the latest beta versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. YouTube even offers a new embedding code that triggers the HTML5 player if your browser supports it and Adobe Flash is not installed.

6. Aardvark, a social Q&A service acquired by Google last year, hasn’t improved since its acquisition, but it has a lot of potential to make search more social. Google Spreadsheets also started as a Google Labs project, even though it was the result of an acquisition.

7. Public Data Explorer “makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate”. This could be a great way to make Google Search more visual and more interactive.

8. Google Books Ngram Viewer is a Google Trends for books. It’s useful if you want to see how often certain words or phrases have been used in books over time.

9. Google Reader Play – a new way to view your feeds and the most popular blog posts on the Web. The interface works well for photo blogs, comics and videos.

10. Google Calendar’s Gentle Reminders replaces annoying pop-ups with a blinking tab and a notification sound. If you use Google Chrome, you’ll also see desktop notifications.
It’s interesting to see that most of the services are related to data visualization, cutting-edge browser features and productivity.

Bhuka kutta(Indian Dog) attacks on Soan Papdi.. yummy yummy!!

Well yes yes indeed I am feeling very hungry at this moment and like everyday the same question is buzzing me about what should I go for in dinner tonight.

Maggi is no more an option so please!

At at the very moment I am having Haldiram’s Sohan Papdi and lemme tell you this is seriously yummy though I wish I had a spoon as eating it with hands yucks/sucks.

While I was eating I thought to Google sohan papdi and I came across its official definition on wikipedia which made me laugh…

Sohan papdi or Soam papdi or Sohan halva or Patisa is a popular Indian sweet. It is square in shape, and has a crisp and flaky texture.

He he cummon I could have never thought of this even though I eat it everyday. And I am sure chatur is gonna cram this so sooner he read this Smile with tongue out

And please for God sake that I am tHe referred kutta in this article

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