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liFe at Globallogic, Noida

When I was recuited in GL, and my joining date was still to come I use to wander wonder about many things.. About life.. About work.. About money.. How would I survive.. Would it tought or fun etc etc.. After months working in here, today thsoe questions seems to be vanished between the daily run of life, trying meeting time goals of the client, struggling to reach office on time and watching a movie/sporting in the weekend,, Recently, somebody asked me those same questions, and then i was like once i use to wander wondering on something similar.. so I thought to blog all such queries in here so new ones can be more prepared and focused and know what exactly they are enrolling in..

Hi…I got my joining in GL on 5th jan in nagpur branch…..

Training Department, Nagpur section is handled by Ashwin Korde . Though I am not sure who would head youe exactly. Well Ashwin is really a nice person and if you have honor to have your training under him them I think you would like it. He is a very hardworking person and he would want you too to show hard work. This is the only way you can impress him, though mark my words just making a nice impression wont fetch you marks. He is strict about rules. If there is policy defined for something, it has to be done that way. Leaving work apart he is a very friendly person to talk to. Moreover, if you are like shy or hardly interact dont worry if he is near you he would make you talk, talk and talk.

can u tell me abt d current status of GL regarding projects??
Ha ha many people when join GL, like even when I did use to wonder is GL a good company? Is it a big company? etc etc Umm trust me this is a big company. Though nor very very very big but yes big. The reason why we havent heard name of comapny such as GL but other is because its not a business to consumer company. Tell me something, do really know how many companies do we have in IT industry? Trust me you would not be able to even count 50. This is because all we know is Microsoft, Google and Infosys. Reason being they deliver products, they advertize etc. Globalloigic mainly focuses on providing help to these companies. So its like the product you see with the name of Google etc might have been made by GL. For example, the reviews you see on nextag.com is via wize.com is actually developed by one of the great developers of GL which is me indeed blush blush. Still you don’t beleive me? Well Gl right now has 455 projects and yes they does inlcude the names like Google, Microsoft, HP, Yatra and NexTag etc. But then there is one more important thing you should understand. Hi-fi names are seeking for developers with hi-fi knowledge. Yatra and Nextag are two bad asses of GL which reject even IITians with a 3 years experience. So you see opportunitites are there but for those who can deliver. πŸ˜‰

becoz yesterday 2 of my frnds from GL in nagpur branch hav been drown out(nikal dia unko…) n d reason was only that GL is not having any projects…is it true??
My apologies for those who have left GL. From my own perspective, we should never recruit anybody whom we gonna ask to leave after the training. But then its not my company and if you dont perform well during the training you would be removed. GL is serious about it and anybody would who gonna pay you handsome salary. Infosys has a rejection rate of around 5% per training plus around 10% leave them on their own so total like 15%. Its quite less in GL may be just 1 or 2 % atleast in mah batch πŸ˜‰

Hello Utsav!! I wanna seek sum guidence from u….as my joining will b in jan I hav 2 months left with me n mine is mobile technology…..in last 2-3 months I refreshed d concepts of core n adv java….
ha ha well mobile technology is just something that they promise you train.. it has nothing to do what project you would be alloted into.. when you are in a project based IT comapany learn one thing.. there is not particular language or particular concept you need to know.. in short you need to deliver on time whatever the demand is.. and in the process you have to learn things in real time. my friends did JAVA training and is now coding forms in perl. thats how things works out here..

wht else should I do now so dat I might find myself easier to work in d company?? should i go learning with android or try to build some small java applications??? now u got kinda gud experience with GL so can tell me sumthing
it would be great if you can have idea of linux and android both.. first of all i recommend you to go through basics of LINUX.. almost all servers in the world are operated in UNIX platform.. Android is something like developed on UNIX platform and then all applications are some what JAVA right? so you can do one thing.. work on Android.. And most importantly theory is not what gonna help you here.. Make applications.. and more application and more application.. varied.. thats how you should learn and would learn in future .. For an idea, you can develop an Android app using java which to read emails and filter them using who the sender is.. something like outlook client for tab..

I knw d basic of strut… had learned sumthing while going through adv java…. k fine. so mine is mobile technology n we hav been told to prepare d basic concepts of java before our joining, but I knw GL is a very big company n jst basic knowledge wont work!! GL had mailed us a list of topics in june which coverd most of d topics but if someone asks me right now to code sumthing using strut or hibernate or ejb or spring or jsp then I cant code it directly before that I need to do sum smaller applications…
Well Strut is really an important topic which is not generally taught in colleges and coaching centres… But then it is if you get JAVA in your project.. and if have it in your courseware of training.. if it is then best way to learn Struts again is developing mini projects based on Struts.. Remember, you knowledge of any concept is counted only if the your knowledge is delevrbl.. if you can develop a project on Strut easily then yes you know struts else you dont πŸ˜‰

the mobile technology would b further divide into 4 domains which b assigned to us at d time of our joining….so m not getting exactly what tp prepare with…..most of my frndz who joined in july got android tecnology only a few r thr with iphone or bru….
umm i hope this question stands answered now

n also pls make me clear d difference between java n javascript…..m a bit confused in it!!
ha ha its simple java and javascript has nothing in common.. javascript was developed to overcome the limitations of HTML. HTML only control the flow of data on a webpage// you cannot add any number or can use any logic.. for all that we use javascript… JAVA on other hand is a core programming language like C++ developed from C..

If anybody has any more questions/doubts he or she is most welcome to post it as a comment in here .. Thanks πŸ™‚

Weaving the future web: Feed Reader

I was just reading this wordpress.org thing and then came with an idea. According to the article I am reading RSS Feeds is about getting the latest post on a blog. This can be done with a feed reader. Now what I am thinking and if in someway way we can design our own feed reader we can make develop some code which can fetch movie updates on different movie download websites automatically.

Further I am more interested in making something which can automatically publish a post whenever any movie download website/blog gets updates fetching just name of the movie, the mediafire download link and password if any. Source may be information i.e. page link may also be mentioned.

Nowadays I have observed a new trend on movie downloading websites that to make more money they are not giving direct movie download link. So one of the major challenge to create a code which would be able to process the add thing getting the download link only to db.

Another challenge seems here is the ability is quality challenge. Today the pirated online movie business has spread into so many unskilled hands and there is no web standard followed which has lead to the problem of data inconsistency and thus searching for the best of vast information hub has become a serious challenge. Thus to over come this the code should be smart enough to select the best quality (which would again lead to the debate of size n print), further also capable to update the previous entry of the movie if any.

Creating a db where each movie has just one and only on entry would again be a challenge movies don’t come with a roll number. Thus a lot of more parameters would have to be considered in order to even add two movies with same name but different in real.

Able to fetch essential information from sources like Wikipedia and other sources would be another feature the code must have.

A nice sexy and easy interface is always need of this code interface with real users.

Guys and girls if you have any idea or a query related to this idea just add it in here as your comment.

And remember you can even add images and videos as comments by just typing their url in the comment box. All thanx to wordpress.


Utsav Sabharwal

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