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Gosh! she scored 80% :( {shh PTU 7 Semester CSE / IT / ME / ECE / EE Gazette}


Finally, the most awaited Gazette is here. With these results (if you are all clear) comes end to the bread n butter exams which use to happen every month. The good thing is now no teacher can blackmail us anymore on the name of internals, now you dont have to worry about your attendance or sessional mails which enacted as silent bombs disturbing the normal life routine of many low scorers but finally i gonna miss chicken grilled sandwitch of CCDX, Chilly Chicken of PP, Lassi of Dashmesh and Paranthe of Omi (now tuta phoota) and afcourse at the end the computer labs and Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaar!! (teri beep beep beep) 😉 :d :))

Just don’t download results also make sure you comment :p

CSE 7th Semester – Gazette

IT 7th Semester – Gazette

ECE 7th Semester – Gazette

EE 7th Semester – Gazette

ME 7th Semester – Gazette

All in One – Gazette

PTU Results declared till 9 March 2011

B.Tech 3rd Sem(Reg)

B.Tech 5th Sem(Reg) (Except Chemical Engg)

B.Tech 1st Sem(Reg)

B.Tech(EEE) 3rdSem(Reg)

MBA(IB) 1st Sem(Reg)




MBA 1st Sem(Reg)

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