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Chuck changing plots… Gosh!!

I started with S03E7 and ended up on S03E13… Nd the reason why I stopped is not because I felt sleepy or bored but because for the time in the story I felt something is complete and totally perfect. Sarah Walker and Chuck makes love finally lolz… And now they are announced as official lovers.. What exactly was lacking in starting episodes was the real feeling of love of Sarah walker for Chuck. And I felt an urge that their must be some third party in it which can bring them back. This what exactly happened though not in mah style but neither bad way atlast it was suppose to support the usual spy and the bad guy method. Third guy tries to  kill Agent Walker while Chuck saves her by shooting him… Seems more like he lost his virginity if talk in terms on CIA or NSA lolz… Its good to see that both are back as a couple but now I fear that may be coming parts may get boring as crave for love is all what CHUCK was selling with afcourse humor… SPY thing really aint much cool in chuck and still sounds like same old story… But I wish Chuck makers improve on it in coming time… I made some plots which can be future of CHUCK but then I guess story is changing so my plot is becoming useless, though I better add them in here for records, at last this what blog is all for…

to make chuck more interesting awesome has to die…
it shoud be more real.. mission can be based on true heroic missions..
Sarah and chuck shoud get married and leave spy thing forever… CIA kills them… casey

leave CIA and moves on wit a family…
One day they both comes back… now part of some other even bigger organizatrion may WHO

who knows…
add some magic things… it should be damn convincin thts it magic n later it should be

like gosh it was not.. it was just luck!
they should split up forever… this is should be damn convincing but at the sametime all

the world should see n feel i wish they were together…
sarah and chuck get married… they have sm problems.. both pro n then they break up

(divorce).. they move in their life.. they both have new partners n now sarah is getting

married… chuck realizes bt fails to reach on time.. sarah get married n then she realizes

it was a big mistake n now cant b rectified.. now his husband dies… n then she read a

letter given by him before his death n thn find sarah gets back to chuck.. bt audience get

to know that her husband was quite a character//  he actually killed himself n this letter

is all fake… casey gets to know this n start hating both of them…

everybody knows irrespective of how many guys comes to sarahs life n how many girls come to

chucks life at the end of the day they two gonna make it together… it feels like quite a

boring thing they making love to others n gosh types n so borin n one know thts all folk n

the writer has hidden a cm back thing at end of the scence.. it could have been better if

the smart could be fooled that they now love other people but at this time this aint

working.. the characters need to feel they dont love each other anymore… n that would

take time… love line should go on…

n chuck need to look smart now…
the ring concept is not that good..
fulcrum remained for too long…
Orion was a cool thing but it just like vanished in s03
Chuck must do what his dad could
Chuck mom has to be something great…
Chuck dad must die…
chuck n sarah fight looks very good
n it seems no logic that sarah would fall in love for someone else.. either she is a whore

which she is not so it looks like her character has been forced to love someone else

chuck goes to india n meets a love guru finally
sarah should be like, ” chuck this is not the guy i loved.. he was the one the most crazy


everybody is buy more should say (they must fucking belive it) that chuck n sarah r born


on other side spy company should say they r the couple…
feeling for others is not working

the mission sucks.. sounds the old same spy story… it has to be more real… (taking


Utsav Sabharwal

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Chuck Season 3


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The third season of Chuck was announced on May 17, 2009 with 13 episodes,[1] with NBC reserving the option of nine more episodes.[2] Production for the third season began on August 6, 2009.[3] On October 28, 2009, NBC added 6 more episodes to the third season which brings the season total to 19.[4]On November 19, NBC announced that Chuck would return on January 10 with two back-to-back episodes before it would move to Monday nights to its 8 pm time-slot on January 11 

  1 “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip


2 “Chuck Versus the Three Words


3 “Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte


4 “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome


5 “Chuck Versus First Class


6 “Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler


7 “Chuck Versus the Mask


8 “Chuck Versus the Fake Name


9 “Chuck Versus the Beard


10 “Chuck Versus the Tic Tac


11 “Chuck Versus the Final Exam


12 “Chuck Versus the American Hero


13 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy


14 “Chuck Versus the Honeymooners


15 “Chuck Versus the Role Models


16 “Chuck Versus the Tooth


17 “Chuck Versus the Living Dead


18 “Chuck Versus the Living Dead


19 “Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II


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