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moviebook launches hassle free movie downloading via email

So you dint get an email. No problem you can read it on onedamnlife 🙂


I recently created an auto-bot moviebook. Well I wont discuss about it technicality but this is what I want to tell you.

Whenever you want to download any movie, just send an email to request@moviebook.co.in 

Thats all! Once your request is validated, the robots shall email you direct download link of the movie. (yes its free, no adds, no parts, no torrents, full speed)

Further, if you mention your mobile no. in the email, the robots shall also text you when they email you 🙂

If somebody wana know how big is our database then just let me tell you its bigger than IMDB, Wikipedia and what Torrrent world has to offer.

N please please please n pleeeeeeeeeeeease do spread the word  🙂



Disclaimer: moviebook is a nonprofit non business concept. Yes movie downloading is illegal but we are not. We are more like predefined Google Search. Ab kya bache ki jaan loge? Still anybody feel anything is going wrong dude drop me an email.

Bhuka kutta(Indian Dog) attacks on Soan Papdi.. yummy yummy!!

Well yes yes indeed I am feeling very hungry at this moment and like everyday the same question is buzzing me about what should I go for in dinner tonight.

Maggi is no more an option so please!

At at the very moment I am having Haldiram’s Sohan Papdi and lemme tell you this is seriously yummy though I wish I had a spoon as eating it with hands yucks/sucks.

While I was eating I thought to Google sohan papdi and I came across its official definition on wikipedia which made me laugh…

Sohan papdi or Soam papdi or Sohan halva or Patisa is a popular Indian sweet. It is square in shape, and has a crisp and flaky texture.

He he cummon I could have never thought of this even though I eat it everyday. And I am sure chatur is gonna cram this so sooner he read this Smile with tongue out

And please for God sake that I am tHe referred kutta in this article

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