Season 06 Episode 02

Some situations in life are like the the last ball of the match.  Just one right hit at the right moment in right direction can create history. And see the power of words. You can combine just 26 letters in so many ways to form words which together form sentences. And if anyhow you can just hit the right vibration of someones mind with the meaning hidden in those sentences, you see a blast. Have you ever seen a person with a fake id trying to chat with you online. People says he/she is fake. But the pun lies in the truth that this is the actual soul of that person with just fake facts about his/her name and all.  You know how people communicate? When you think of something you get a vibration in your heart. That vibration causes creation of some pulses in brain which creates words and expressions. Words transfer through different mediums and a vice versa process happens at the receiver side. Amazing thing is if the medium is air people called it as live conversation and if its through some electronic medium people call it as virtual. 😉

Chalo, philosophies apart now come to my situation. The very first time when I used Internet I promised myself that I would keep my “virtual life” totally away from my real life. And the way things developed I went a lot more ahead in social networking in my “virtual life” and a lot ahead in spectrum of activities in my real life. But as Ratatouille says every food item has a different taste but a right combination of the right food item in right quantity gives you really a different taste which is lot better than each of the food item.  So to get a better taste from my life slowly i started deriving all good things from my “virtual life”.  Jyada bakwaas ho gayi. In my course of years of chatting I found 3 totally amazing people on internet.  Priyadarshini Mollik, Critic-a-rora and some Mr. Unknown.  These 3 people are totally different people with totally different background, status from me and each other. They have just one thing with me which they don’t believe but i do and that is “the chemistry thing”.

And one day I found a girl of my real life online whose nature was somewhat curious for me. And when I tried to explore it I found the same “chemistry thing”. Amazing thing is none of the four believe in fairy tales like me but still like the song Love Story – Fearless (Taylor Swift). Actually, i have nothing to say, nothing to explain or question. I have four amazingly explored friends with which I would chat even after my retirement (If I am able to).  Virtual or real now hardly matters, when the souls converse I hardly give a damn what the medium it is.

I would like to end with these very lines:

Blue cool birds fly in the wide open sky in search of new places and I can just spend my life watching them fly.

. .. … End of my ViRtUaL LiFe from today… .. .

Don’t worry I would still keep writing  my blog and my crazy life experience. So keep watching for more… .. .

2 responses

  1. virtual u say.. its not the medium that matters i believe..ts the matter that matters.. particles never deny to pass thru glass or plastic u no.. in the end what matters is the particles..
    but u no u r very right at ur i everyone in their thoughts, as i now believe..
    sometimes u cant ask for things,u either gat them or u dont.. askin is like forgiving someone..i mean HARD.. leave its all meaningless to ask particles to move in vaccum , there is sometimes a blank between two minds.. this happens when they have totally diff lives and peripheries.. who can say whos right or wrong here..

    its just the way things are..

    u no ppl say m confused about myself,i believe its their perceptions.. and i ll continue to belive that cos i no me..if i can bend that does not show m weak.. this has no meanin in this context but i had to rite this for today..

    anyways fairy tales do not exist.. god is hard to believ for u ,i wonder hw can fairy tales be ur thing..
    its sometimes funny how we find our faiths.. u dont have to look for a reason to everything ,sometimes things jus go thier way..
    and u have to live..
    enuf of my shit..
    ty for the space..

    1. Utsav Sabharwal | Reply

      May be you are right, actually I have been very week in chemistry from ma childhood. 😉

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