Desi tadka @ Oxford Street

Well guys this is not my original post. This has been written by Kritika Arora, a 22 year aged designer cum journalist(well she would know I have copied her article she would kill me) Well why I called this article as Desi Tadka @ Oxford Street because this is an Indian girl review about UK markets. Actually Kritika spend 5 years of her life in UK. This article would definitely help you in quality shopping in UK but you would also observe that Indian perception is the best. I have read many reviews of UK makets but guys this one is total desi tadka. Enjoy reading … .. .

(In the picture: The view east along Oxford Street)

“Well as a true critic even before I start I declare whatever I write is totally my personal opinion not a promotion of one but the lil experience of me @ shopping in UK.  So please Mr and Mrs Shopkeepers please don’t shoot me ”

In this review I am just going to talk about spectrum of  stores I have gone thought recently. With over 300 shops, Europe’s busiest shopping street seemed to be more denser than ever because of Christmas and Boxing Day sale. Santa Clause all around (very hard to find the real one) It seems like whole of London was on shopping today.

1. BHS:  modern living made easy

The first store I visited was  Bhs (stands for British Home Store)
The first time I ever came to UK I always bought clothes from this store but the quality wasn’t good, i mean more of the synthetic stuff, the stuff may get torn easily or as usually the stuff may get worn out within a day. Would you believe that? I mean what would you do of 70 % discount if your stuff worn on the very same day. You can find each and everything in this store but still problem turns up is quality and the charges made on it. If you are a regular customer you would notice that many products have the same price even before and on sale day. Cheap marketting isn’t it.

All over the store can be trusted a bit for the leather bags or jackets but not for the cotton or wool stuff.

My Experience: Once I was a regular customer but now, not at all.

2. Sainsbury: fresh n frozen

A perfect store to shop mix frozen veggies.  Sainsbury is a store where you can sometime find really good stuff in a range your small pockets can allow. In most of the item there is 50% – 75% sale. It’s a store you would prefer to be in every time you need something for the kitchens except from the utensils. A leading store and must say is coming very well in certain parts of UK.  I heard many new branch of it are opening soon. May on the New Year!

My Experience: I always go there with my dad to buy veggie’s

3. TESCO: Everything little helps

The Nexton my list was  Tesco. 24hrs open, free home delivery, half price on wine and a lot more sale what more can you ask for? Tesco is just like a departmental place where you can just go ahead and buy clothes, utensils, toys and eatable stuff. But be careful on the clothes because sometimes the product in store can be more costly, prefer the local markets you’ll get cheap and better things. Good for its deals best for its finance and insurance. Be online and get anything

My Experience: Got to go there every week for some or the other shopping.


Coming up next is Safeway, 24 hrs day specialities is good for cheap utensils and some good eatable stuff. Safeway can be bit uncommon but is ok for emergency cases. When ever you want to shop just be online and go to

My Interest – I only go there when i pass through this store, to see whats new?

Oh I forgot the main store which is known to be Asda. I think its fab for the money savers it’s cheaper than tesco as well; mainly in every Asda store you will be able to find each and everything of your daily life except for the pharmacy. You can also shop through internet to it by going to

My Interest – Use to go there but now its to far from my place.

The next store I think should be Debenhams which is the Britain most favourite store, famous for its good fashionable clothes which my sort of people would think twice before buying because who knows you get the same thing in the market in very very cheap rate. The things in store would look so attractive that you would almost think to buy it but let me tell you before you enter this store do not forget to go ahead and look in the near by stores. The accessories for women, men, kids are really good. While it comes to sale Debenhams does not let everything out for the sale but the only things which are on sale are the ones not getting saled much, odd sizes and yeah the defect piece. You can have a look in their website

My Interest – If you wanna go bonkers go in there, I have been in there for 2 days.

Coming up next is Argos store where you can order and get things on guaranty, it’s a place where you would not regret to be but be careful with your receipts if you loose them they wont take the things back and coming up to the managers who are busy they wouldn’t listen to you either so here papers are important. Argos is know for its free deliveries, buy online anything you like to and they’ll deliver it back home free of cost. You can surf there site if you feel like

My Interest – best place to buy new watches, jewellery stuff and off course anything as gifts.

Last store in my list is Selfridges which ain’t that good and impressing and would like to say the clothes there are as costly as car so what do you prefer buying a car or dress of same cost. Everything in there is good but not cheap to bought or to easy to buy, I mean you can’t go everyday to Selfridges to buy something or the other where as you can afford and go to tescos, debenhams everyday. I think money talks here but with brains. Selfridges all over good for super stars and for those who want to know what exactly is in there,

My Interest – ah!!! don’t ask

My Boxing Day and Christmas shopping was mainly done by Pecocks, Primark and debenhams. Trust me if I would have been shopped in Selfridges I wouldn’t have got loads of things which I have now.

Pecocks being a memeber of it I don’t wanna say anything about it, but its good to be in and Primark is relaible. Both are common and can be found in any area of UK.

So in the end I would only like to tell you choose nice store, be comfortable in whatever you buy, buy it from where ever you feel like but think and spend money, lastly keep a smile on your face don’t regret shopping in these stores or where ever you shop.”

I hope this girl join our team. Her passion seems even more than her work. Keep visiting for more articles… .. .

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