Every dog has its own day

Well this is not me. This is a bitch (German Shepherd) of Kritika Arora. People say you can know a lot about people by observing their pets. But in my case I think its totally opposite. This bitch look so sweet and Kritika is totally opposite. Just kidding No offense lol. Actually I found this pic on Krtitika’s blog and then I suddenly had a flash back… .. .. .. . ” I was in class 4th. I went for Indian Military Examination. All paper went well all interview was good. I was giving my eng lang paper. The first question said to write an essay “Every dog has its own day”. So I did write it. Thinking whts so funny abt it. Actually I never understood that it was a quote. I wrote the story of a poor dog who was lucky one day to get a lot of flesh and bones and how he saved the life of a bitch n happily lived ever after. lolz Guess what I never even went to see the results lolz” For more articles keep visiting… .. .

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